AIIMS PG Solved Paper 1999 (Part 17 of 20)

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  1. In hand surgery which area is called “No man's land”

    1. proximal phalanx

    2. distal phalanx

    3. between distal palmar crease and proximal phalanx

    4. wrist

    Answer: c

  2. While doing below knee amputation which of the following is the most important technical consideration

    1. posterior flap should be longer than the anterior flap

    2. anterior flap should be longer than the posterior flap

    3. stump should be long

    4. stump should be short

    Answer: c

  3. For breast reconstruction which of the following is not used

    1. Transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous flap

    2. Transverse rectus abdominus free flap

    3. Pectoralis major myocutaneous flap

    4. Lattismus dorsi myocutaneous flap

    Answer: c

  4. Kalloo, a 24 year old occasional alcoholic has got a change in his behavior. He has become suspicious that people are trying to conspire against him though his father states that there is no reason for his fears. He is getting hallucinations of voices commenting on his actions. What is the most probable diagnosis

    1. Delerium tremens

    2. Alcohol induced psychosis

    3. Schizophrenia

    4. Delusional disorder

    Answer: c

  5. Lalloo 40 years has recently started writing books. But the matter in his book could not be under stood by any body since it contained words which were not there in any dictionary and the theme was very disjoint. Now a days he has becomes very shy and self absorbed. When he addresses people he speaks about metaphilosophical ideas. What is the likely diagnosis

    1. Mania

    2. Schizophrenia

    3. A genius writer

    4. delusional disorder

    Answer: b

  6. A patient was on treatment with trifluperazine for some time. He presents with complaints of hyperthermia, lethargy and sweating. What is the next step in management

    1. do a CT scan brain and a hemogram

    2. Hemogram, electrolyte levels and creatinine

    3. ECG, chest X ray and hemogram

    4. Hemogram, CPK and RFT

    Answer: d

  7. Vasanti, 45 years, was brought to casualty with abnormal movements which included persistent deviation of neck to right side. One day before she was prescribed Haloperidol 5mg three times daily from the psychiatry OPD. She also had an alternation with her husband recently. Which of the following is the most likely cause for her symptoms

    1. acute drug dystonia

    2. conversion reaction

    3. acute psychosis

    4. cerebro vascular accident

    Answer: a

  8. A patient presents with pain in the hip joint and the knee joint. There is defective adduction of his hip joint. Which of the following nerves is most likely involved

    1. femoral nerve

    2. obturator nerve

    3. saphenous nerve

    4. sciatic nerve

    Answer: b

  9. A patient was undergoing abdominal surgery under local anesthesia. He suddenly developed sharp severe pain. Which of the following structures will be responsible for his pain

    1. parietal peritoneum

    2. liver parenchyma

    3. colon

    4. small intestine

    Answer: a

  10. While doing central venous catheterization of a patient through internal jugular vein, the patient suddenly developed respiratory distress and hypoxemia. What would be the likely cause

    1. pneumothorax

    2. tamponade

    3. hypovolumia

    4. septiciemia

    Answer: a