AIIMS PG Solved Paper 1999 (Part 5 of 20)

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  1. A patient with Hodgkin's lymphoma is having a single cervical lymphnode. Biopsy showed lymphocyte predominant variant. Which of the following is the treatment of choice

    1. Chemotherapy with Radiotherapy

    2. Chemotherapy only

    3. Radiotherapy only

    4. No treatment needed

    Answer: c

  2. Lalloo, a 55 year old chronic smoker, presents with complaints of hoarseness of voice. On examination there is a single enlarged painless lymphnode in the left supraclavicular area. What is the next step to be done

    1. Excision biopsy of the node

    2. Laryngoscopy and Chest X ray

    3. CT scan

    4. Sputum for AFB

    Answer: b

  3. A girl presents with complaints of melena. On examination there are pigmented lesions involving her mouth and lips. Two of her sisters also had similar complaints. Which of the following is the most probable diagnosis

    1. Kronchite Canada syndrome

    2. Puetz Jegher's syndrome

    3. Gardner's syndrome

    4. none

    Answer: b

  4. 30 year old Basanti presents with light brown lesions involving both her cheeks. The lesions had never been erythematous. Which of the following is the most probable diagnosis

    1. SLE

    2. Chloasma

    3. Air borne Contact Dermatitis

    4. photodermatitis

    Answer: b

  5. All the following malignancies are associated with HIV except

    1. Astrocytoma

    2. Non Hodgkin's lymhoma

    3. Gastric adenocarcinoma

    4. Kaposi's sarcoma

    Answer: n/a

  6. Babloo, 5 years, presents with small hypopigmented scaly macules on his cheek. Some of his classmates also have similar lesions. Which of the following is the most probable diagnosis

    1. Pityriasis alba

    2. Pityriasis rosea

    3. Pityriasis versicolor

    4. Indeterminate leprosy

    Answer: a

  7. A 11 month old child presents with complaints of respiratory distress. On examination there is bilateral crepitations and wheezing. Which of the following is the most likely cause

    1. pneumonia

    2. respiratory syncitial virus

    3. adenovirus

    4. rhinovirus

    Answer: b

  8. A patient presents with features suggestive of chronic pancreatitis. ERCP examination showed “chain of Lakes” appearance. Which of the following is the most appropriate management for this patient

    1. Side to side pancreatico jejunostomy

    2. Distal pancreatic resection and end to side anastomosis.

    3. Whipple's resection

    4. sphincterotomy

    Answer: a

  9. A patient presents with a pancreatic pseudocyst 5cm in size, 3 weeks duration. What is the best method to manage this case

    1. External drainage

    2. USG and follow up

    3. cystogastrostomy

    4. Needle aspiration

    Answer: b

  10. Kalloo, 25yrs, presented with a mass in the right iliac fossa. On laprotomy it was found to be a carcinoid 2.5cms in diameter. What is the next step in management

    1. Segmental resection

    2. Right hemicolectomy

    3. Appendicectomy

    4. do yearly 5-HIAA

    Answer: b