AIIMS PG Solved Paper 1999 (Part 8 of 20)

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  1. Scanty, foul smelling, painless discharge from the ear is a characteristic feature of which of the following lesions

    1. Acute otitis media

    2. otitis externa

    3. central perforation

    4. cholesteatoma

    Answer: d

  2. A 70 year old man presents with complaints of tinnitus. Which of the following is the most probable diagnosis

    1. labrynthitis

    2. acoustic trauma

    3. ASOM

    4. acoustic neurinoma

    Answer: d

  3. A 55 year old smoker presents with complaints of hemoptysis. On bronchoscopic examination, there was a lesion in the distal trachea which was growing in to the lumen. Which of the following is the most probable diagnosis

    1. Squamous cell carcinoma

    2. adenoid cystic carcinoma

    3. squamous papilloma

    4. Muco Epidermoid carcinoma

    Answer: a

  4. After hyperventilating for some time, holding the breath is dangerous since

    1. it can lead on to CO2 narcosis

    2. due to the lack of stimulation by CO2 anoxia can go into dangerous levels

    3. decreased CO2 shift the ODC to the left

    4. alkalosis can lead on to tetany

    Answer: b

  5. Blood gas measurements of a patient shows the following values pH 7.2 p CO2 80mmHg, pO2 46mmHg. Which of the following could be the most probable diagnosis

    1. acute asthma

    2. acute exacerbation of COPD

    3. ARDS

    4. severe pneumonia

    Answer: b

  6. Sulfur granules in actinomycosis are composed of

    1. organisms

    2. Neutrophils and lymphocytes

    3. monocytes

    4. eosinophils

    Answer: a

  7. In lipoprotein lipase deficiency which of the following is increased

    1. VLDL

    2. LDL

    3. HDL

    4. Chylomicrons

    Answer: d

  8. Lipid lowering agents Statins, act in all the following ways except

    1. decreased hepatic cholesterol synthesis

    2. decreased LDL receptors

    3. Inhibiting HMG Co-A reductase

    4. decreasing VLDL

    Answer: b

  9. Statin induced myopathy is not exacerbated by which of the following drugs

    1. Nicotinic acid

    2. Enlapril

    3. Erythromycin

    4. Clofibrate

    Answer: b

  10. What is the attitude of the lower limb following posterior dislocation of hip

    1. abduction, flexion and internal rotation

    2. adduction, flexion and internal rotation

    3. abduction flexion and external rotation

    4. adduction flexion and external rotation

    Answer: b