AIPPG Paper 2002 (Part 13 of 25)

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  1. Which of the following is true
    1. Imipramine is used in the treatment of Endogenous depression
    2. Diazepam has lesser sedative propensity as compared to barbiturates
    3. Fluvaxamine is associated with weight gain
    4. Thioridazine causes lesser extrapyramidal side effects
  2. Drugs used in the treatment of Schizophrenia include
    1. Chlorpromazine
    2. Haloperidol
    3. Olanzapine
    4. Imipramine
    5. Resperidone
  3. Shizophrenia has which of the following features in common with depression
    1. Formal thought disorder
    2. Social withdrawal
    3. Poor personal care
    4. Decreased interest in sex
    5. Inappropriate behavior
  4. Suicidal tendencies are seen in
    1. Shizophrenia
    2. Post traumatic stress disorder
    3. Depression
    4. OCD
    5. Anxiety disorder
  5. Features seen in Obsessions and compulsions is/are
    1. Repetetiveness
    2. Irresistiblility
    3. Unpleasant
    4. Social withdrawal
    5. Poor personal care
  6. Pleural fibrosis is caused by
    1. Phenytoin
    2. Methysegide
    3. Amiodarone
    4. Ergotamine
    5. Ranitidine
  7. True regarding bromocriptine
    1. Natural derivative
    2. Synthetic derivative
    3. Also has alpha blocking property
    4. Decreases GI motility
    5. Acts on both D1 and D2
  8. A lady with 16 weeks pregnancy presents with acute appendicitis. Management includes
    1. Conservative treatment
    2. Do early surgery
    3. Appendecectomy with termination of pregnancy
    4. Appendecectomy following child birth after 3rd trimester
    5. Medical treatment with surgery on recurrence
  9. A lady with 4 months ammenorhea presents with pain abdomen, constipation, and vomiting. What will be done in her management
    1. X ray abdomen
    2. USG
    3. CT scan
    4. Complete obstetrical evaluation
  10. True regarding hirshsprungs disease is/are
    1. Seen in infants and children only
    2. Absence of auerbachs plexus in the involved segment
    3. The involved segment is the dilated colon
    4. Bleeding per rectum is a presenting feature
    5. Surgery is used in the treatment

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