AIPPG Paper 2002 (Part 5 of 25)

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  1. Branches of the basilar artery include
    1. Posterior inferior cerebral artery
    2. Posterior cerebral artery
    3. Middle cerebral artery
    4. Posterior communicating artery
    5. Anterior cerebral artery
  2. Regarding acid secretion in the stomach
    1. Increased gastrin secretion increases secretion
    2. Secretin decreases secretion
    3. Fractional test meal is the best screening index
    4. H2 receptor blockers block acid secretion
    5. Total acid secretion reflects on the functional parietal cell mass
  3. In a patient with transplanted heart which of the following are reasons for increased cardiac output in him during exercise
    1. Reinnevation of the heart by the vagus
    2. Intrinsic mechanisms
    3. Increased epinephrine released from medulla
    4. Bainbridge reflex
    5. Due to Starlings effect
  4. Regarding the renal excretion
    1. Sodium reabsorption occurs in the DCT
    2. Pottassium is both excreted and reabsorbed in the tubules
    3. Heamoglobin is not excerted in the glomerulus as it is a large molecule
    4. Glucose is reabsorbed in the DCT
    5. Amino acids are reabsorbed in the collecting ducts
  5. The histopathological features of Shock include
    1. Acute tubular necrosis
    2. Lung infarcts
    3. Depletion of lipids in adrenal medulla
    4. Periportal hepatic necrosis
    5. Depletion of lymphocytes
  6. In a patient which of the following would cause rhabdomyolisis and myoglobulinuria
    1. Hyperpyrexia
    2. Viper snake venom
    3. Multiple hornet stings
    4. Prolonged coma
    5. Anemia
  7. In the body bilirubin is obtained from
    1. Heamoglobin
    2. Myoglobin
    3. Muscle
    4. Cholestrol
    5. Amino acids
  8. All of the following are required for fat digestion except
    1. Bile pigment
    2. Gastric lipase
    3. Colipase
    4. Bile salts
    5. Pancreatic lipase
  9. Causes of sterile pyuria without urinary tract infection include
    1. Cortical tubercular abcess
    2. Pyelonephritis
    3. Fungal infection
    4. Gonococcal infection
    5. Urolithiasis
  10. Criteria for diagnosis of multiple myeloma include
    1. Plasma cells in bone marrow greater then 30 %
    2. Bence jones proteins
    3. Lytic bone lesions
    4. Decreased beta 2 microglobulins
    5. Rouleux formation in the blood

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