AIPPG Paper 2002 (Part 7 of 25)

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  1. True regarding salmonella gastroenteritis include
    1. Mainly diagnosed by serology
    2. Blood and mucous are present in stools
    3. Caused via animal products
    4. Symptoms appear between 8 − 48 hours
    5. The features are mainly due to exotoxin released
  2. True regarding E-Coli is/are
    1. The LT labile toxin in ETEC acts via cAMP
    2. In those types causing urinary infections the organism attaches by pili antigen
    3. The ST stable toxin of ETEC is responsible for causation of HUS
    4. The EIEC invasiveness is under plasmid control
    5. In EPEC the toxin helps in invasion of the organism
  3. The sputum examination under district TB control programme is done when the patient presents with which of the following
    1. Cough for 1 − 2 weeks
    2. Cough for 3 − 4 weeks
    3. Heamoptysis
    4. Chest pain
    5. Intermittent fever
  4. In cryptoccocal infection the organism can be readily demonstrated by
    1. Albert՚s stain
    2. India ink stain
    3. Giemsa stain
    4. Grams stain
    5. Zeil Niehlson stain
  5. Regarding HSV 2 infection which of the following are correct
    1. Primary infection is usually wide spread
    2. Recurrent attacks occur due to latent infection
    3. Encephalitis is commonly caused by it
    4. Newborn acquires the infection via the birth canal or at the time of labor
    5. Treatment is by acyclovir
  6. IgE is secreted by
    1. Mast cells
    2. Eosinophils
    3. Basophils
    4. Plasma cells
    5. Neutrophils
  7. The T helper cell subtype attach to which of the following sites
    1. MHC I cells
    2. MHC II cells
    3. Processed peptide
    4. CD8
    5. Delta region
  8. Apart from B cells, T cells there is a distinct third type of lymphocytes. They are
    1. MHC cells
    2. NK cells
    3. Macrophages
    4. Neutrophils
    5. Eosinophils
  9. All of the following are antigen presenting cells except
    1. T cells
    2. B cells
    3. Fibroblasts
    4. Dendritic cells
    5. Langerhans cells
  10. All of the following are true regarding H pylori except
    1. Gram negative bacilli
    2. Strongly associated with Duodenal ulcer
    3. Associated with lymphoma
    4. C14 urea breath test is used in the diagnosis
    5. It should be eradicated in all cases when ever detected

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