Karnataka PG Solved Paper 2004 (Part 12 of 20)

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  1. Axillary vein thrombosis is NOT a complication of:

    1. Throracic outlet syndrome

    2. Simple mastectomy

    3. Excessive upper limb exercise

    4. Straphangers

    Answer: b

  2. The four points of probe placement in Focuced Abdominal Sonogram for Trauma (FAST) in blunt thoracoabdominal trauma are:

    1. Epigastrium, R hypochondrium, Lower chest, hypogastrium

    2. Epigastrium, R & Hypochondria R Iiiac fossa

    3. Epigastrium, r 7 Lumbar regions, hypogastrium

    4. Hypogastrium, r& Lumbar region, R lower chest

    Answer: a

  3. In the acronym “SWELLING” used for the history and examination of a lumb or swelling, the letter ‘N’ stands for:

    1. Nodes

    2. Noise (Thrill/bruit)

    3. Numbness

    4. Neurological effects

    Answer: b

  4. A position Froment's sign is associated with palsy of which nerve?

    1. Median

    2. Axillary

    3. Radial

    4. Ulnar

    Answer: d

  5. Acute bactorial sailadenitis is managed by:

    1. Immediate sialography

    2. Fluid intake restriction

    3. Cuture of the FNAC from the involved gland

    4. Use of broad spectrum antibiotics

    Answer: d

  6. A branchial cyst develops from the vestigial remnants of the:

    1. 2nd branchial cleft

    2. 3rd branchial cleft

    3. 1st branchial cleft

    4. 4th branchial cleft

    Answer: a

  7. About follicular carcinoma of the thyroid gland:

    1. FNAC is diagnostic

    2. Lymph node metasteses are common

    3. Distant metastases are more common

    4. Local recurrence rates are low

    Answer: c

  8. Poland's syndrome of the congenital absence of the sternal head of the pestoralis major muscle is associated with:

    1. Mastalgia

    2. Amazia

    3. Polymazia

    4. Gynecomazia

    Answer: b

  9. Chest drain insretion is safest when perfomed:

    1. In the apex of the chest for pneumothorax

    2. In the base of the chest for haemothorax

    3. In the ‘triangle of safety’ on the anterolateral chest wall

    4. With the smallest bore chest tube available

    Answer: c

  10. Disparity of the bowel ends during end to end anastamosis is corrected by:

    1. Cheatle's manoeuvre

    2. Connell suture

    3. Lembert suture

    4. Czerny technique

    Answer: a