Karnataka PG Solved Paper 2004 (Part 13 of 20)

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  1. Odynophagia is:

    1. Throat pain

    2. Pain on swallowing

    3. Heartburn

    4. Painless dysphagia

    Answer: b

  2. For inoperable gastric neoplasms involving the cardia, the best palliation is by:

    1. Intubation

    2. Exclusion

    3. Pre sternal bypass

    4. Gastroenterostomy

    Answer: a

  3. Vascular inflow occlusion of the liver is by:

    1. Clambing the hepatic artery

    2. Occluding the portal vein

    3. Clambing the hepatic veins

    4. The pringle manoeuvre

    Answer: d

  4. Splenic abscess is best treated by:

    1. Open splenectomy

    2. Laparoscopic splectomy

    3. Percutaneous drainage under image guidance

    4. Antibiotic only

    Answer: c

  5. “Limey bile” is:

    1. Present in the CBD

    2. Thin and clear

    3. Like toothpaste emulsion in the gall bladder

    4. Bacterial rich

    Answer: c

  6. Myelin around central nervous axons is laid down by:

    1. Microglia

    2. Schwann cells

    3. Oligodendrocytes

    4. Protoplasmic astrocytes

    Answer: c

  7. Posterior belly of digastric is supplied by:

    1. Facial nerve

    2. Mandibular nerve

    3. Spinal accessory nerve

    4. Ansa cervicalis

    Answer: a

  8. The paranasal air sinuses opening into the middle meatus include all except:

    1. Frontal sinus

    2. Maxillary sinus

    3. Posterior ethmoidal sinus

    4. Anterior ethmoidal sinus

    Answer: c

  9. The following are the branches of the internal iliac artery except:

    1. Ovarian artery

    2. Uterine artery

    3. Superior vesical artery

    4. Obturator artery

    Answer: a

  10. Which one of the followinf is attached to the lingual of the mandible?

    1. Stylomandiblar ligament

    2. Sphenomandibular ligament

    3. Pterygomandibular raphe

    4. Middle constrictor of pharynx

    Answer: b