Karnataka PG Solved Paper 2004 (Part 3 of 20)

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  1. Type III category of basal FRACTURE of skull are:

    1. Those that run in the coronal plane from lateral end of one petrous through sella turcica to lateralend of contralateral petrous ridge

    2. Run from side to side in the coronal plane but do not pass through the sella turcica

    3. Run from front to the contralateral back passing through the sella turcica

    4. Run from front to back involving all cranial fossae & sella turcica.

    Answer: b

  2. The various component of a will to be valid are:

    1. A knowledge of the property to be disposed of

    2. A legatee can attest a will

    3. Presence of delusion not affecting in any way the disposal of the property or the person affected by the will

    4. It should be made during lucid interval

    Answer: n/a

  3. Reasons for marked variation in the shape of exit wounds of rifled weapons:

    1. Deformation of bullet during its passage through body and thereby presenting an irregular wound

    2. Absence of tumbling of the bullet in the body & hence it may not be able to exit with nose end first

    3. Intact bullet in the body after striking bone

    4. At times, both entry and exit wounds are of the same as in the assassination of kennedy, President of USA

    Answer: a

  4. Dry Submarine in custodia torture injuries refer to:

    1. Falanga beating on soles of feet

    2. Tying of a plastic bag ocer the ears

    3. Immersing head in contaminated water

    4. Suspending the accused by ankles

    Answer: b

  5. “CAFE coronary” refer to death in intoxication person during meals due to:

    1. Suffocation

    2. Natural cardiac death

    3. Choking

    4. Smothening

    Answer: c

  6. The single test that confirms the diagnosis of autoimmune hemolytic anaemia is:

    1. Coombs test

    2. Reticulocyte count

    3. Peripheral smear

    4. Hemoglobin electrophoresis

    Answer: a

  7. The advantage of breast feeding to the mother includes:

    1. Decrease postpartum bleeding

    2. Prevention of breast cancer

    3. Spacing of pregnancies

    4. All of the above

    Answer: d

  8. All these condition can produce metabolic acidosis except:

    1. Diabetic ketoacidosis

    2. Salicylate poisoning

    3. Gastroenteritis with dehydration

    4. Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

    Answer: d

  9. All these condition are autosomal dominant disorders except:

    1. Marfan's syndrome

    2. Hunter syndrome

    3. Osteogenesis imperfecta

    4. Achondroplasia

    Answer: b

  10. All these conditions can produce first day jaundice in newborn except:

    1. RH incompatibility

    2. TORCH infection

    3. Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

    4. G6PD deficiency

    Answer: c