Karnataka PG Solved Paper 2004 (Part 9 of 20)

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  1. Physiologically, oxytocin is characterized by all except:

    1. Circulates entirely in free forem

    2. Plasma half life 5 − 7 minutes

    3. Level increase during labor

    4. Released in pulsatile fashion

    Answer: c

  2. Studies have indicated the most important of the components of the Bishop score to be that related to:

    1. Dilatation

    2. Effacement

    3. Station

    4. Consistency

    Karnataka 2004 PREPG with answers

    Answer: a

  3. The factor that is likely to influence the rate of relapce and prognosis in patients with ovarian cancer is:

    1. Tumor grade

    2. Tumor stage

    3. Intraoperative Rupture of tumor

    4. Presence of dence adhesion

    Answer: c

  4. Most common symptom associatd with uterine myomas:

    1. Menorrhagia

    2. Metrorrhagia

    3. Pressure

    4. Urinary frequency

    Answer: a

  5. How much is the risk of ovarian cancer increased above normal in a women with nonautosomal dominant genotype with one first degree related with ovarian cancer:

    1. 2 − 3 times

    2. 5 times

    3. 10 times

    4. 20 times

    Answer: a

  6. What is the most common method for detecting early stage ovarian cancer?

    1. Evaluaation of vague gastrointestinal symtomss

    2. Palpation of an asymptomatic mass during routine pelvic examination

    3. Screening CA 125

    4. Screening vaginal ultrasound

    Answer: b

  7. Which ultrasound finding with an adnexal mass is most suspicious for malignancy?

    1. 8 cm in diameter

    2. Several internal excrescences

    3. Cyctic with two thin septations

    4. Freee pelvic fluid

    Answer: b

  8. The most common major complication with Laparoscopic hysterectomy is:

    1. Urinary tract injury

    2. Bowel injury

    3. Uncontrolled bleeding

    4. Pulmonary embolus

    Answer: a

  9. The patient with pre. Eclampsia diagnosed remote from term, which of the following is NOT necessarily an indication for expeditious delivery:

    1. Blood Pressure 170/115 on medication

    2. Proteinuria 5g per 24 hours

    3. Platelet count 80, 000/ul

    4. Serum transaminase levels three times normal

    Answer: b

  10. Independent risk factors for preeclampsia include all except:

    1. hyper homocycteinemia

    2. Race

    3. Number of partners

    4. Family history

    Answer: b