MAHE PG Solved Paper 2003 (Part 12 of 19)

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  1. The 2nd stage of labour is defined as

    1. Onset of true labour pains to expulsion of fetus

    2. Complete dilation of cervix to expulsion of fetus

    3. Labour pains to expulsion of placenta

    4. Dilatation of cervix to expulsion of placenta

    Answer: b

  2. Early deceleration is seen with

    1. Cord compression

    2. Placental hypoxia

    3. Head compression

    4. None of the above

    Answer: c

  3. Best (specific) assessment of foetal well being is by

    1. Biophysical profile

    2. Oxytocin challenge test

    3. Non stress test

    4. Urinary estradiol estimation

    Answer: a

  4. Which of the following precipitates an attack of glaucoma in a patient

    1. Dark environment

    2. Atropine

    3. Sleep

    4. Timolol

    Answer: b

  5. Prostaglandins are generally not used in tocolysis because

    1. They are terratogenic and cause fetal structural abnormalities

    2. They may close the patent ductus arteriosis prematurely

    3. Cause placental hypoxia

    4. None of the above

    Answer: b

  6. Engagement refers to passage of

    1. Presenting part through the inlet

    2. Passage of occiput through inlet

    3. Passage of greatest diameter of the presenting part through the inlet

    4. Passage of presenting part through the outlet

    Answer: c

  7. In a diabetic patient post renal transplant there was decreased renal function within one month All of the following could explain the cause except

    1. Acute transplant rejection

    2. Uretric rejection resulting in its obstruction

    3. Recurrence of disease process

    4. Renal artery stenosis

    Answer: c

  8. The most common cause of secondary hypertension in children is

    1. Renal artery stenosis

    2. Adrenal tumors

    3. Renal disease

    4. Coarctation of aorta

    Answer: c

  9. Carcinoid tumors of the GIT commonly are known to affect which of the following valves

    1. Pulmonary

    2. Mitral

    3. Tricuspid

    4. Aortic

    Answer: b

  10. All of the following drugs are known to cause cholestatic jaundice except

    1. INH

    2. Chlorpromazine

    3. OC Pills

    4. Erythromycin

    Answer: a