MAHE PG Solved Paper 2003 (Part 14 of 19)

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  1. The lymphatic spread is seen in all of the following except

    1. Terratoma

    2. Seminoma

    3. Squamous cell carcinoma

    4. Basal cell carcinoma

    Answer: d

  2. Which of the following is true regarding ESR

    1. Increased in polycythemia

    2. Increased in sickle cell anemia

    3. Useful in monitoring the treatment response in temporal arteritis

    4. Decreased in pregnancy

    Answer: c

  3. Which of the following is a T cell malignancy

    1. CML

    2. Hodgkins disease

    3. Mycosis fungoides

    4. Burkits lymphoma

    Answer: c

  4. Autoimmune haemolytic anemia is seen in which of the following conditions commonly

    1. Hairy cell leukaemia

    2. Chronic myeloid leukaemia

    3. Chronic lymphoid leukaemia

    4. Lymphomas

    Answer: b

  5. The phildelphia chromosome is classically associated with which of the following

    1. CLL

    2. CML

    3. Burkits lymphoma

    4. Hairy cell leukaemia “AI PP G” c om

    Answer: b

  6. All of the following are poor prognosticators except

    1. Mediastinal tumors

    2. Leucocyte count>100000 cells/cmm at the time of presentation

    3. Age between 2 − 10 years

    4. Aneuploidy

    Answer: c

  7. The treatment of choice in pancreatic abcess is

    1. Cystogastrostomy

    2. Cystoenterostomy

    3. External drainage

    4. Antibiotics

    Answer: c

  8. Chronic pancreatitis is associated with all of the following except

    1. Calcification of pancreatic duct

    2. Steatorrhea

    3. Bronze skin discoloration

    4. Diabetes mellitus

    Answer: c

  9. Pyloric stenosis is associated with all of the following except

    1. Weight loss

    2. Diarrhea

    3. Ramsteads operation

    4. Hypokalemia is seen

    Answer: b

  10. Functions of the amniotic fluid include

    1. Decreased fetal weight

    2. Reduce trauma to fetus

    3. Conjugate and store hormones

    4. All of the above

    Answer: b