MAHE PG Solved Paper 2003 (Part 16 of 19)

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  1. The discovery of the small pox vaccination is credited to

    1. Pasteur

    2. Jenner

    3. Lister

    4. Koch

    Answer: b

  2. The audiometry in noise induced hearing loss would show a dip at what frequency

    1. 2000 Hz

    2. 1000 Hz

    3. 3000 Hz

    4. 4000 Hz

    Answer: d

  3. The treatment of choice in otosclerosis is

    1. NaF

    2. Stapedectomy

    3. Cochlear implant

    4. Antibiotics

    Answer: b

  4. Epiphyseal dysgenesis is seen in which of the following

    1. Hypoparathyroidism

    2. Hyperparathyroidism

    3. Hypothyroidism

    4. Hyperthyroidism

    Answer: c

  5. A farmer after several hours after entering his farm develops fever myalgia and dyspnea. All of the following are true about his disease except

    1. PFT would reveal a restrictive pattern

    2. Precipitating antibodies can be confirmative

    3. Thermophilic actinomycetes can be the causative agent

    4. Immediate IgE is not associated with this disease process

    Answer: d

  6. Social pathology would refer to

    1. Determinants of disease in community

    2. Frequency of disease in community

    3. Type of disease in community

    4. Relation between disease and social pathology

    Answer: d

  7. KF rings are found in

    1. Heamochromatosis

    2. Wilson's disease

    3. Diabetes Mellitus

    4. Rheumatoid arthritis

    Answer: b

  8. Epidemic typhus is caused by

    1. R. Typhii

    2. R. Prowazaki

    3. R. Akari

    4. R. Rickettsiae

    Answer: b

  9. Which of the following can be found in chronic active hepatitis

    1. HbsAg positive HbsAb negative

    2. HbsAg negative HbcAb positive and HbsAb negative

    3. HbsAg negative HbsAg positive

    4. HbsAg positive HbcAb negative

    Answer: b

  10. All of the following are included as causes of maternal death except

    1. Following abortion

    2. During lactation 1st month

    3. During lactation 8th month

    4. During the last trimester due to APH

    Answer: c