MAHE PG Solved Paper 2003 (Part 17 of 19)

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  1. PQLI would include all of the following except

    1. IMR

    2. MMR

    3. Life expectancy at 1 year

    4. Literacy rate

    Answer: b

  2. Inspite of use of tocolytics there were labour pains, to increase the fetal lung maturity the drug to be used is

    1. Methyldopa

    2. Propranolol

    3. Insulin

    4. Betamethasone

    Answer: d

  3. True about spina bifida and anencephaly is all of the following except

    1. May be familial

    2. Always caused by toxin

    3. Can be reliably diagnosed by ultrasound and AFP levels

    4. Associated with hydramnios

    Answer: b

  4. TB cases can be detected in mass populations by which of the following

    1. Sputum AFB

    2. Tuberculin

    3. Sputum culture

    4. MMR

    Answer: a

  5. A technologist forgets iodine fixation step while doing the gram stain preparation of a ataphylococci containing specimen. The organisms would appear

    1. Pink

    2. Blue

    3. The organisms would be washed off the slide

    4. Colourless

    Answer: n/a

  6. Retinitis pigmentosa would affect

    1. Rods predominantly

    2. Cones predominantly

    3. Both equally

    4. Rods only

    Answer: a

  7. Cyclic trends are seen in which of the following

    1. Rabies

    2. Measles

    3. Cholera

    4. Hepatitis

    Answer: b

  8. Most labile vaccine is

    1. OPV

    2. Measles

    3. BCG

    4. DPT

    Answer: a

  9. Which of the following are true about ANP

    1. Increased blood pressure

    2. Increased GFR

    3. Increased sodium reabsorption

    4. Causes decreased sodium secretion

    Answer: b

  10. Basophilic stippling is seen which of the following cells

    1. Neutrophils

    2. RBC's

    3. Basophils

    4. Eosinophils

    Answer: b