MAHE PG Solved Paper 2003 (Part 5 of 19)

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  1. All of the following procedures can be done in osteoarthrosis except

    1. Synovectomy

    2. Osteotomy

    3. Arthrodesis

    Answer: n/a

  2. 1st change in TB spine is

    1. Erosion of pedicle

    2. Narrowing of disc space

    3. Abcess with soft tissue swelling

    4. Disc collapse

    Answer: b

  3. LeFort's fracture would include all of the following except

    1. Maxilla

    2. Mandible

    3. Zygoma

    4. Nasal bones

    Answer: b

  4. An infant was brought with history of running nose, fever, myalgia. There were also similar complaints seen in 3 other family members. Over the last 8 hours the infant has developed wheeze hyperexpansion of chest with difficulty in breathing, but there were no rales on examination. The likely diagnosis is

    1. Viral croup

    2. Epiglotitis

    3. Bronchiolitis

    4. Bronchiectasis

    Answer: c

  5. On examination of a specimen the lung showed exudation of inflammatory cells with displacement of air. This is a pathologic feature of

    1. Bronciectasis

    2. Bronchial asthma

    3. Lobar pneumonia

    4. Bronchitis

    Answer: c

  6. At the end of a 48 hours fast the substance likely to be involved in the formation of blood glucose would be

    1. Muscle glycogen

    2. Liver glycogen

    3. Aminoacid

    4. Acetoacetate

    Answer: d

  7. The test commonly used to follow up patients to check for response of treatment in syphilis is

    1. FTAbs

    2. VDRL

    3. Microheamglutination

    4. TPI

    Answer: b

  8. In brain the breakdown of L-DOPA is prevented by

    1. Deprinyl

    2. Pyridoxine

    3. Haloperidol

    4. Bromocriptine

    Answer: a

  9. Selective reuptake inhibitor of serotonin but not norepinephrine is by

    1. Protryptiline

    2. Flouxetine

    3. Meprotriline

    4. Amytrptiline

    Answer: b

  10. Presence of sensation without the presence of a stimuli would refer to

    1. Delusion

    2. Hallucination

    3. Illusion

    4. Projection

    Answer: b