MAHE PG Solved Paper 2003 (Part 6 of 19)

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  1. Spider leg appearance is seen in

    1. Polycystic kidneys

    2. Horse shoe kidney

    3. Angiomyolipoma's

    4. Renal TB

    Answer: a

  2. PQLI would include all of the following except

    1. IMR

    2. MMR

    3. Life expectancy at 1 year

    4. Literacy rate

    Answer: b

  3. The treatment of choice in otosclerosis is

    1. NaF

    2. Stapedectomy

    3. Cochlear implant

    4. Antibiotics

    Answer: b

  4. The response to iron administration would be earliest seen by

    1. Increased TIBC

    2. Increased haemoglobin

    3. Reticulocytosis

    4. Increased hematocrit

    Answer: c

  5. Which of the following is true in the nitrogen metabolism

    1. Ammonia is the most important nitrogen containing substance in urine

    2. There is breakdown and resynthesis of 56 gms of protein everyday

    3. The enzymes aminotransferase and glutamate dehydrogenase are the main enzymes in the formation of urea

    4. Excess of aminoacid are used in the synthesis of proteins

    Answer: c

  6. Methyl trap which occurs due to vitamin B12 deficiency would be due to

    1. Methionine metabolism is decreased

    2. Conversion of glutamyl coA to Succinyl coA

    3. Conversion of methyl coA to succinyl coA

    Answer: c

  7. RNA is extracted through which of the following

    1. Northern blot

    2. Southern blot

    3. Eastern blot

    4. Western blot

    Answer: a

  8. X linked inheritance is seen in all of the following except

    1. Fabry's disease

    2. G6PD deficiency

    3. Myotonic dystrophy

    4. Heamophilia A

    Answer: c

  9. All of the following are true about ZES except

    1. Multiple ulcers may be seen

    2. Ulcers at unusual places may be seen

    3. Gastrin level is increased

    4. Urease breath test is positive

    Answer: d

  10. In a 40 year patient there was pleural fluid. Analysis of this fluid showed a protein ratio of 0.38 and a LDH level of 125 U/L and LDH ratio of pleural fluid to serum of 0.48. The most probable diagnosis is

    1. Ureamia

    2. Congestive cardiac failure

    3. Sarcoidosis

    4. Pulmonary embolism

    Answer: b