NIMHANS PG Paper 2002 (Part 12 of 14)

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  1. True about Fragile X syndrome is
    1. Father to son transmission
    2. CGG repeats
    3. Mental retardation present
  2. Regarding Meiosis true is
    1. Do not occur in X and Y chromosome
    2. Halves the diplopiod number
    3. It is longer in males then females
  3. Mendalian theory cannot explain
    1. Polygenic inheritance
    2. Genetic linkages
    3. Autosomal recessive inheritance
  4. Diseases with trinucloetide repeats occurs in
    1. Friedricks ataxia
    2. Alzheimers disease
    3. Fatal familial insomnia
  5. Babinski՚s reflex is weak in
    1. Hypothyroidism
    2. Parkinsonism
    3. Disc herniation
  6. True are
    1. Cerebellar nystagmus are gaze evoked nystagmus
    2. Sea saw nystagmus is associated with homonymous heminaopia
    3. Down beat nystagmus-is seen in brianstem herniation
  7. In vestibular dysfunction causing dizziness
    1. It is continous
    2. More on moving head
    3. Worsens on lying down
  8. True about ASPERGERS syndrome is
    1. Language development delayed
    2. Retts syndrome is more common in boys
    3. Treatment is mainly behavioral therapy
  9. True about memory is
    1. Riding tricycle is-implicit memory
    2. Mathemetical calculation is episodic memory
    3. Naming is declerative memory
  10. Correctly matched are
    1. Stalking-deUamberlauts syndrome
    2. Frued-Caapgras syndrome
    3. N/A-Cotards syndrome

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