NIMHANS PG Paper 2002 (Part 14 of 14)

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  1. Correctly matched are
    1. Erythema multiforme-orf
    2. Erythema marginatum-lymes disease
    3. Erythema induratum-Syphillis
  2. True about Schizophrenia in female is
    1. Insidious in onset in females
    2. Occurs later in life in females
    3. Poorer prognosis
  3. OCD in female patients is
    1. Depressive episode is more in men
    2. Bipolar more in females
    3. Duration of depression more in females
  4. Kline Levine syndrome true is
    1. Hyposexuality
    2. Polyphagia
    3. Due to frontal lobe excision
  5. In frontotemporal lesion true is
    1. Intact memory
    2. Speech disturbance
    3. Primitive reflexes
  6. In benign intracranial hypertension
    1. Treatment is needed in all cases
    2. Mostly asymptomatic
    3. CT shows diffuse opacities
  7. In accommodation reflex
    1. Sphincter muscle of iris dilates
    2. Lens curvature increases
    3. Cilliary muscles relax
  8. As per revised national tuberculosis programme
    1. Chest xray is valued as most diagnostic
    2. HIV status is taken as separate category
    3. Treatment are supervised on daily basis
  9. Pottasium sparing diuretics are
    1. Tiamterine
    2. Ethacrinic acid
    3. Metrizamide
  10. In trichotillomania features seen are
    1. Nail biting
    2. Associated with alopecia
    3. Treatment is by antipsychotics

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