NIMHANS PG Paper 2002 (Part 3 of 14)

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  1. A patient was found to have flushing and episodes of hypotension. Ultrasound scan showed multiple small nodular lesions in the liver. The patient was found to have carcinoid syndrome. The site from which the tumor has most likely arisen from is
    1. Small intestine
    2. Apendix
    3. Descinding colon
    4. Ascending colon
  2. A patient presented with headache and episodes of hypertension. In between the episodes he was found to be normal. His urinary VMA levels were found to be raised. The diagnosis is
    1. Carcinoid syndrome
    2. Pheochromocytoma
    3. Small cell carcinoma
    4. Adissons disease
  3. A patient on colonoscopy was found to have tubular adenoma which was removed. The pathology report suggested that the adenoma was found to extend upto the muscularis mucosae. The management now includes
    1. Fulguration at the site of the polypectomy
    2. Sigmoid colectomy
    3. Observation
    4. Left hemicolectomy
  4. True regarding anaerobic infection is
    1. Anaerobic bacteria are present in the skin and mucosae
    2. If properly cultured then bacteroides account for 20 % of cases causing peritonitis
    3. Penicillin is ineffective in the treatment of anaerobic infections
  5. True regarding subphrenic abscess is
    1. Subphrenic abscess is most common following stomach surgery
    2. It is most commonly seen following biliary tract surgery
    3. As the subphrenic space is surrounded by the falciform ligament and other hepatic ligament anteriorly the subphrenic space is best approached through the bed and 12th rib
    4. It occurs most commonly following hepatic abscess rupture
  6. A patient was operated 2 months back and at that time a midline inscicion was used. Now he requires a second operation and this the ideal incision to be used now is
    1. A fresh transverse incision
    2. The scar of the previous incision is excised and the same incision is used
    3. The same incision used without excision of old scar
    4. A paramedian incision is to be used
  7. In a trauma patient presenting to the casualty the fluid to be given initially is
    1. Normal saline
    2. Ringers Lactae
    3. Dextrose 5 %
    4. Blood
  8. Most common complication in varicose vein surgery is
    1. Echymosis
    2. Deep vein thromosis
    3. Recurrence of varicosity
    4. Venous ulcer
  9. Infection draining the index finger goes to
    1. Thenar space
    2. Mid palmar space
    3. Ulnar bursa
    4. Radial bursa
  10. True regarding akathasia is
    1. Treatment is by anticholinergics
    2. Patient wanders away from home
    3. Presents with hallucinations
    4. Behavioral therapy is required