NIMHANS PG Paper 2002 (Part 4 of 14)

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  1. Most common complication in colles fracture is
    1. Malunioin
    2. Non union
    3. Sudecks osteodystrophy
    4. Rupture of extensor pollicis
  2. Regarding testicular torsion all of the following are true except
    1. Is to be differentiated from acute epididymitis
    2. Immediate management is mainly medical and surgery indicated later
    3. Billaterality common
    4. May not present with dysuria
  3. In Webers syndrome true is
    1. Lesion is in pons
    2. Associated with 3rd nerve palsy
    3. Hemiplegia on ipsilateraal side of lesion
    4. Immediate surgery is the treatment
  4. A child suffered through trauma and had to undergo splenectomy for splenic injury and blood loss. The further management includes all of the following except
    1. Continous pencillin treatment
    2. Continous aspirin to prevent coagulation
    3. The parents are advised of the possible complications the child is prone for
    4. Repeated evaluation for potential complications
  5. True regarding mammography is
    1. 2 rads of exposure is given each time hence it is not generally preferred
    2. It can detect small lesions which are not palpable clinically
    3. It can accurately diagnose carcinoma
    4. Not very useful as a screening tool
  6. A patient presented with epidoses of flushing and hypotension. His urinary 5HIAA levels were found to be increased. The diagnosis is
    1. Pheochromocytoma
    2. Carcinoid syndrome
    3. Adissons disease
    4. SIADH
  7. True regarding the large intestine is
    1. The rectum is partly retroperitoneal and partly free
    2. The ascending colon and descending colon are retroperitoneal
    3. The transverse colon is largely extraperitoneal
    4. The whole of colon is supplied by the vagus
  8. The vagus nerve supplies the large intestine closest upto
    1. Hepatic flexure
    2. Splenic flexure
    3. Ceacum
    4. Rectosigmoid junction
  9. True about histology of large intestine is
    1. The outer longitudinal and inner circular muscle are complete
    2. The pilcae circularis form the haustra
    3. The mucous cells line only the ascending colon
  10. True about the pancreas is
    1. The uncinate process is just ventral to where the splenic and the superior mesenteric vein unite
    2. Duct of santorinin is ventral to the duct of wirsung
    3. The two ducts rarely unite to form common entry into the duodenum
    4. The main blood supply to the pancreas is from the splenic artery

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