NIMHANS PG Paper 2002 (Part 5 of 14)

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  1. Which of the following is true
    1. The right gastric artery arises from the common hepatic artery
    2. Ligation of the splenic artery causes infarction of the greater curvature of the stomach
    3. Gastroepiploiec arteries arise from gastrodoudenal and splenic arteries
    4. The lesser cuvature gets its blood supply mainly from the short gastric vessels
  2. A smoker presented with altered sensorium. His blood osmolality was found to be 240 and urine osmolality 340. His Na + is 122 meq/L. The diagnosis is
    1. Diabetes insipidus
    2. SIADH
    3. Renal tubular acidosis
    4. Cerebellar degeneration
  3. A patient came with history of fall and on examination there was tenderness between the extensor pollicis longus and brevis. The likely lesion is
    1. Scaphoid
    2. 1st metacarpal
    3. Lower end of radius

    d Trapezoid

  4. A child when playing had cat scratches over his hand. After 2 days he developed lymphadenopathy. Which group of the lymphnodes are involved if the scatches are over the region where the cephalic vein penetrates into the deeper fascia.
    1. Deltopectoral group
    2. Lateral group
    3. Clavipectoral group
    4. Central group
  5. Inability to abduct left eye with LMN fascial palsy on same side. The lesion is in
    1. Left pons
    2. Right pons
    3. CP angle tumor
    4. Cerebellar lesions
  6. In a patient with burns
    1. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic to the pulmnory tract
    2. Early tracheostomy is indicated because it is difficult to to pass tube through inflamed pharynx
    3. The laryngeal edema can occur as late as 48 hours
  7. In a patient presenting odynophagia with oral thrush the chest xray was found to be normal. The CD4 count was found to be 2400. The next step in management is
    1. Fluconazole
    2. Acyclovir
    3. Endoscopy with biopsy of lesion
    4. IV amphotericin B
  8. Pulmonary fibrosis is caused by all of the following except
    1. Clindamycin
    2. Nitrofurantoin
    3. Methysergide
    4. Amidarone
  9. A drug which causes parkinsonism and is not to be used in patients with this type of disease is
    1. Methysergide
    2. Haloperidol
    3. Riluzole
    4. Phenytoin
  10. In a child with hernia on the right side the management is
    1. High ligation of the lesion is done
    2. The distal sac needs to be excised as it can develop hydrocele
    3. Opposite side needs to be explored as bilaterality is common
    4. X ray of the abdomen is useful for diagnosis

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