NIMHANS PG Paper 2002 (Part 9 of 14)

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  1. Correct matches are
    1. Aspergillosis-cell mediated cytotoxicity
    2. Serum sickness-immune mediated reaction
    3. Erthroblastosis-cell mediated immunity
  2. About dopamine receptors true is/are
    1. D1 recptors are auto receptors
    2. D2 D5 mediate through adenyl cyclase
    3. D4 receptors act via kinase
  3. True about mechanism of action of drugs is
    1. Erythromycin-attaches to ribososme and inhibits DNA replication
    2. Rifampicin-inhibits DNA dependent RNA polymerase
    3. Vancomycin acts on cell wall
  4. Left shift of oxygen dissociation curve occurs due to
    1. Increased temperature
    2. Metabolic acidosis
    3. Chronic hypoxia
  5. True about akathesia is
    1. Most common complication of SSRI use
    2. Anticholinergics are used for treatment
    3. Wanders away from home
  6. Correctly matched choices are
    1. Lady Macbeth-Obsessive compulsive disease
    2. Othello-Delusional jealousy
    3. Helmet-Multiple personality
  7. Prolactin is inhibited by
    1. Serotonin
    2. Estrogen
    3. Oxytocin
  8. Regarding post traumatic stress disorder true is
    1. Anxiety is a feature
    2. Occurs after days after stress
    3. Hallucinations are a prominent feature
  9. True about feautures in catotonic schizophrenia is/are
    1. Echolalia
    2. Anhedonia
    3. Ambitendency
  10. Complications in anorexia nervosa include
    1. Esophagitis
    2. Ammenorrhea
    3. Osteoporosis

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