NEET: Reference List Chemistry

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Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Atomic Structure - Principle of physical chemistry - Puri, Sharma & Pathwa
  2. Advance Inorganic Chemistry - J.D. Lee - Buy from
  3. Chemical Periodicity, Chemical bonding,Coordination compound- Maden, Malik, Tuli
  4. Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry - G S Manku - Buy from
  5. Extradiction of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistry - Puri, Sharma, Jauhar. - Buy from
  6. Rest all the chapters - An advance inorganic chemistry - J.D. Lee
  7. Pollution and its control - A text book of environmental chemistry and pollution - S S Dara. - Buy from

Physical Chemistry

  1. Principals of Physical Chemistry (Gaseous state, Thermodynamics, Phase rule, solutions, Colligative properties, Electro Chemistry, Catalysis, Colloids) - Puri, Sharma & Pathawa - Buy from
  2. Chemical kinetics - Advance physical chemistry - Gurdeep Raj
  3. Photo chemistry - A text book of physical chemistry (Vol. - IV) - K.L. Kapoor
  4. Advance physical chemistry - Gurdeep Raj - Buy from

Organic Chemistry

  1. Bonding and shape of organic molecules, Stereo chemistry of carbon compound - Reactions and reagents - O P Agarwal - Buy from
  2. A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry - Peter Sykes - Buy from
  3. Rest all the chapters - A text book of organic chemistry - Bahl & Bahl - Buy from

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