NEET Book List for Medical Examination Preparation

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It is advisable to students not to refer many books. Be selective in choice and in checking out a good book. Reading so many books will not lead to towards the success instead of that, Read only one good book but throughly and cover small points also. NCERT Books are very crucial in this context.

  1. NCERT Books for PhysicsChemistryBiology
  2. Physics: CBSE PMT set of 3 Volumes by P. Aggarwal-
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  4. Pradeep՚s Biology-
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  6. SC Verma (Part-1 and 2)
  7. ABC Chemistry-
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  9. Arihant Organic Chemistry-
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  11. MTG (Biology Today) CBSE PMT (Subscription)
  12. Dinesh Chemistry Class 11-
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  14. Dinesh Class 12 Chemistry-
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  16. Trueman՚s Biology Volume 1-
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  18. Trueman՚s Biology Volume 2-
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  20. Truemans Objective Biology-
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  22. AC Dutta for Botany (Oxford Publication) -
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  24. HC Verma for Physics Vol 1-
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  26. HC Verma for Physics Volume 2-
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  28. Morrison Boyd for Organic Chemistry-
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  30. Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula for Physical Chemistry-
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I am running a coaching centre. i want to start NEET coaching due to pressure of my students..which material is best for our students along with coaching for preparing and testing.

    ( - mi...@ on )

    1 Answer

    For NEET preparation visit -

    - mi...@ on

  • I want to ask you that what will I do to prepare for NEET exam? If I have taken Maharashtra State board pattern for HSC

    ( - sa...@ on )

    1 Answer

    For NEET go through NCERT books and then practice

    - sa...@ on

  • Which books are best for neet for questions practice .in phy chem and bio

    ( - jh...@ on )

    1 Answer

    For NEET preparation and solved question bank with illustrations refer -

    - jh...@ on

  • my daughter wants to apply medicine, for that she is going neet class for 1 month in renowned academy and she studied up to +2 in state board syllabus. which books she has to study either NCERT or any other material.

    ( - ka...@ on )

    1 Answer

    For NEET preparation visit -, for free video lectures subscribe to -

    - ka...@ on

  • I want to ask for best books we should use for NEET preperation .

    ( - bi...@ on )

    1 Answer

    You must refer Trueman's for NEET, for MCQs and practice with detailed explanations refer

    - bi...@ on

  • Which biology book should I refer for NEET preparation?

    ( - sw...@ on )

    1 Answer

    You can refer Truemans or Dinesh, for practice sets with detailed explanations visit -

    - sw...@ on

  • I am confused which books I referd for physics and chemistry for NEET?

    ( - av...@ on )

    1 Answer

    You must cover NCERT and Truemans. For detailed solved MCQs refer -

    - av...@ on

  • I want to ask that which publications are more useful for Neet examination

    ( - ro...@ on )

    1 Answer

    For NEET you must refer onlien question bank with detailed answers and colored illustrations availabel at -

    - ro...@ on

  • How to get the best way of getting best marks in neet

    ( - pr...@ on )

    1 Answer

    NEET practice material and solutions to past papers are availabel at -

    - pr...@ on

  • Which is best practice material for NEET preparation

    ( - pr...@ on )

    1 Answer

    For NEET practice questions with detailed explanations please refer

    - pr...@ on

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