NEET Book List for Medical Examination Preparation

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It is advisable to students not to refer many books. Be selective in choice and in checking out a good book. Reading so many books will not lead to towards the success instead of that, Read only one good book but throughly and cover small points also. NCERT Books are very crucial in this context.

  1. NCERT Books for PhysicsChemistryBiology
  2. Physics: CBSE PMT set of 3 Volumes by P. Aggarwal- Buy from
  3. Pradeep's Biology- Buy from
  4. SC Verma (Part-1 and 2)
  5. ABC Chemistry- Buy from
  6. Arihant Organic Chemistry- Buy from
  7. MTG (Biology Today) CBSE PMT (Subscription)
  8. Dinesh Chemistry Class 11- Buy from
  9. Dinesh Class 12 Chemistry- Buy from
  10. Trueman's Biology Volume 1- Buy from
  11. Trueman's Biology Volume 2-Buy from
  12. Truemans Objective Biology-Buy from
  13. AC Dutta for Botany (Oxford Publication)-Buy from
  14. HC Verma for Physics Vol 1-Buy from
  15. HC Verma for Physics Volume 2-Buy from
  16. Morrison Boyd for Organic Chemistry-Buy from
  17. Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula for Physical Chemistry-Buy from

Step-by-step explanations to Numerous NEET Biology, Physics and Chemistry questions many from past papers on the device of your choice, you won't miss another question in exam! Unlike textbooks, detailed notes and video lessons focus on most important aspects for real exam.

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