NEET: Organic Chemistry Disconnection Approach Tutorials (Part 1 of 3)

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  • I read in class 11 part organic chemistry that Wohler formed urea while heating potassium cyanate with ammonium sulphate in 1828 but here in lecture silver cynanate with ammonium chloride in year 1856? ( - on )

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    Yes you are correct. It is indeed a good catch. Please note that potassium cyanate is formed when red lead is fused with potassium cyanide. When this is mixed with ammonium sulphate and heated, urea and potassium sulphate are formed. This transformation of ammonium cyanate into Urea was first achieved by Wohler in 1828 and this was the first preparation from inorganic compounds of animal product. 4KCN + Pb3O4 -> 4 KOCN (Potassium Cyanate) + 3 Pb then 2KOCN + (NH4)2SO4 -> K2SO4 + 2NH2.CO.NH2 (urea)

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