PMT 2009 Multiple Choice Questions (Part 7 of 10)

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  1. Use of anti-histamines and steroids give a quick relief from

    1. Allergy

    2. Nausea

    3. Cough

    4. Headache

    Answer: a

  2. Which one is the wrong pairing for the disease and its causal organism

    1. Late blight of potato-Alternaria solani

    2. Black rust of wheat-Puccinia graminis

    3. Loose smut of wheat-Ustilago nuda

    4. Root-knot of vegetables-Meloidogyne sp

    Answer: a

  3. Given below is a diagrammatic sketch of a portion of human male reproductive system. Select the correct set of names of the parts labelled A, B, C, D A B C D

    1. Urter Prostate Seminal vesicle Bulboure thral gland

    2. Vas deferens Seminal vesicle Prostate bulboure thral gland

    3. Vas deferens Semianl vesicle Bulboure thrall gland Prostate

    4. Ureter Seminal vesicle Prostate Bulboure thral gland

    Answer: b

  4. Vegetative propagation in mint occurs by

    1. Runner

    2. Offset

    3. Rhizome

    4. Sucker

    Answer: d

  5. What will happen if the stretch receptors of the urinary bladder wall are totally removed

    1. Urine will not collect in the bladder

    2. Micturition will continue

    3. Urine will continue to collect normally in the bladder

    4. There will be no micturition

    Answer: b

  6. One of the synthetic auxin is

    1. NAA

    2. IAA

    3. GA

    4. IBA

    Answer: a

  7. A country with a high rate of population growth took measures to reduce it. The figure below shows age-sex pyramids of populations A and B tewenty years apart. Select the correct interpretation about them Interpretations

    1. “A” is more recent and shows slight reduction in the growth rate

    2. “B” is ealier pyramid and shows stabilized growth rate

    3. “B” is more recent showing that population is very young.

    4. “A” is the earlier pyramid and no change has occurred in the growth rate

    Answer: a

  8. The correct sequence of spermatogenetic stages leading to the formation of sperms in a mature human testis is

    1. Spermatocyte-spermatogonia-spermatid-sperms

    2. Spermatogonia-spermatocyte-spermatid-sperms

    3. Spermatid-spermatocyte-spermatogonia-sperms

    4. Spermatogonia-spermatid-spermatocyte-sperms

    Answer: b

  9. What is true about Bt toxin

    1. The inactive protoxin gets converted into active form in the insect gut.

    2. Bt protein exists as active toxin in the Bacillus

    3. The activated toxin enters the ovaries of the pest to sterilize it and thus prevent its multiplication

    4. The concerned Bacillus has antitoxins.

    Answer: a

  10. The kind of tissue that forms the supportive structure in our pinna (external sears) is also found in

    1. Vertebrae

    2. Nails

    3. Ear ossicles

    4. Tip of the nose

    Answer: d

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