NEET 2017 − a Detailed Analysis for Future Aspirants

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As per the directions of honorable Supreme Court, NEET 2017 was conducted as per the schedule (7th May 2017) . This exam is conducted for entrance into state and national level medical colleges for MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHS courses) . NEET exam was first conducted in 2013 and now has been re-introduced.

Details of NEET 2017

NEET 2017 was conducted in one paper consisting of 45 questions from Physics and 45 questions from Chemistry, and 90 questions from Biology, which consists of Zoology and Botany subjects (180 questions in total) . The exam was conducted from 10: 00 am to 01: 00 pm. The duration of test was 3 hours.

Eligibility Criteria

As per CBSE, in order to be eligible for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses for a particular academic year, it shall be necessary for a candidate to obtain minimum of marks at 50th percentile in National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test to MBBS/BDS Courses held for the said academic year. However, in respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, the minimum marks shall be at 40th percentile. The percentile shall be determined on the basis of highest marks secured in the All India common merit list in National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test for admission to MBBS/BDS courses.

Annual Intake

Admissions to all seats of MBBS/BDS courses will be done through NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG) , 2017. The seats are classified in the following categories:-

(I) All India Quota Seats

(II) State Government Quota Seats

(III) State/Private/Management/NRI Quota Seats in all Private Medical/Dental Colleges or any Private/Deemed University

(IV) Central Pool Quota Seats

According to the data listed on the website of Medical Council of India, Total Seats eligible for admission through NEET 2017 are 63985. Out of which, 28115 seats are being offered in Government colleges.

Given below is the subject wise detailed analysis of NEET 2017 question paper.

Overall Marks Distribution

The paper had 180 questions each worth 4 marks. All questions were objective type with single correct option. If we talk about subject wise, then there were 45 questions from Physics and Chemistry, and 90 questions were from Biology (Zoology and Botany sections of Biology) .

Table of Overall Marks Distribution
Class XIClass XIITotal
SubjectNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Grand Total8835292368180720

Overall Difficulty Level Analysis

In this analysis, we have rated every question on a scale of 1 to 3. The individual ratings are then averaged to calculate overall difficulty level.

(1) Easy

(2) Moderate

(3) Difficult

Table of Overall Difficulty Level Analysis
Subject20172016 NEET -22016 NEET -22005
Graph of Overall Difficulty Level Analysis

Difficulty Level Analysis: No of Questions

Table of Difficulty Level Analysis No of Questions
Easy LevelMedium LevelDifficult Level
SubjectNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Grand Total592367931642168

The difficulty level of NEET 2017 was similar to difficulty level of NEET-1 of 2016. Chemistry was on easier side compared to other subjects. Botany and Zoology was on tougher side compared to Chemistry and Physics. While around 236 Marks can be considered easy overall, 316 marks are moderately difficulty and 168 marks are considered difficult.

Question Wise Difficulty Breakup

Graph of Question Wise Difficulty Breakup

Mark Wise Difficulty Breakup

Graph of Mark Wise Difficulty Breakup

Physics Analysis

Table of Physics Analysis
Unit & Topic NameNo Of QuestionsTotal Marks(%) Weightage
Physics45180100.00 %
Electrodynamics104022.22 %
Heat & Thermodynamics52011.11 %
Mechanics135228.89 %
Modern Physics83217.78 %
Optics52011.11 %
SHM & Waves4168.89 %
Grand Total45180100.00 %

Chemistry Analysis

Table of Chemistry Analysis
Unit & Topic NameNo Of QuestionsTotal Marks(%) Weightage
Chemistry45180100.00 %
Inorganic Chemistry-I83217.78 %
Inorganic Chemistry-II83217.78 %
Organic Chemistry-I3126.67 %
Organic Chemistry-II135228.89 %
Physical Chemistry-I72815.56 %
Physical Chemistry-II62413.33 %
Grand Total45180100.00 %

Biology Analysis


Table of Biology Analysis of Botany
Unit & Topic NameNo of QuestionsTotal Marks(%) Weightage
Botany50200100.00 %
Biological Classification3126.00 %
Cell Biology4168.00 %
Ecology62412.00 %
Genetics52010.00 %
Living World142.00 %
Molecular Basis of Inheritance62412.00 %
Morphology142.00 %
Morphology of Flowering Plants142.00 %
Plant Anatomy3126.00 %
Plant Kingdom62412.00 %
Plant Morphology284.00 %
Reproduction in Flowering Plant52010.00 %
Grand Total50200100.00 %


Table of Biology Analysis of Zoology
Unit & Topic NameNo of QuestionsTotal Marks(%) Weightage
Zoology40160100.00 %
Animal Kingdom3127.50 %
Animal Morphology142.50 %
Animal Physiology142.50 %
Biomolecules41610.00 %
Biotechnology3127.50 %
Evolution142.50 %
Human Health and Disease3127.50 %
Human Physiology166440.00 %
Human Reproduction142.50 %
Microbes in Human Welfare3127.50 %
Reproductive Health285.00 %
Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production285.00 %
Grand Total40160100.00 %

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