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Lakhs of students wish to secure a seat in the top medical institutes of the country. To fulfil this dream, they have to compete with similar aspirants in a competitive medical exam. The limited availability of seats in the best medical colleges has made it tougher for the students to make themselves stand out. One such competitive exam for medical students is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) which is conducted once every year.

  • NEET scores are widely accepted by all medical institutions to give admission in undergraduate medical courses. Earlier, NEET was not applicable for admission to AIIMS and JIPMER as they conducted their own entrance exam, but now NEET will also be applicable for admission to these institutes which mean the number of students appearing for this exam will increase. This also implies that the competition will be more, and the students must begin preparation with proper planning from the beginning.
  • At this stage, every student faces a few common questions, like how to prepare for NEET? and which will be better for NEET preparation: coaching institute, online institute or integrated coaching. The following discussion will give you a comparison between coaching institutes, online coaching and integrated coaching to help you make a sound decision for yourself.
  • Let us start by understanding how these types of institutes function and the pros and cons of each type.

Coaching Institute

  • Coaching institutes are designed similar to classrooms in the school where a batch of students is under the supervision and guidance of a teacher. Here, different teachers might be designated to conduct classes in different subjects. Nowadays, coaching institutes have cropped up everywhere in the country, making it difficult for students to select the best because most of them look quite promising in terms of result.
  • On the basis of the academic results of the students, performance, environment and teaching methodology few best medical coaching institutes across India would include Aakash Institute, Career Point, Pathfinder, Allen Career Institute, Narayana Coaching centre etc.


  • The benefits of studying at coaching institutes are no longer unknown to students as it has always been a reliable option for them. Here are some benefits of preparing for NEET through coaching institutes:
  • Tutors in coaching institutes can provide some guidance which might be missed out through self-study.
  • The faculty in coaching institutes have been teaching the topics for years and will be able to explain it in-depth as compared to tutors in integrated coaching.
  • Usually, coaching institutes schedule demo classes for students which help them analyse the teaching methodology and judge whether it is suitable for them or not.
  • By joining a coaching institute, you will be surrounded by a batch of students who have the same goal, which will always remind you of the competition that you are going to face.
  • There is a scope for questioning what is being taught in order to get clarity. At the same time, questions from other students will also help an individual in taking into consideration aspects of a topic that he/she might not have thought about.
  • Coaching institutes conduct regular mock tests before the examination, which can help an individual to analyse his/her position and also track progress.


  • Along with the number of advantages that the coaching institutes offer, there are few drawbacks too. These are:
  • Students who are more comfortable in learning when they get personal attention might face difficulty because coaching classes are conducted in batches. Therefore, it is difficult for a tutor to give personalised attention to each and every student and monitor their performance.
  • In coaching institutes, a number of batches run simultaneously according to different time slots. There are chances that some batches may have average teachers because institutes follow a pattern of dividing batches where the best students who have the ability to secure good ranks are exposed to the best teachers and resources.
  • Fees charged by top coaching institutes might become a barrier for some students. The top coaching institutes usually charge a fee ranging between 2 to 3 lakhs per year.

Online Coaching

  • Online coaching has gained popularity in the last few years in India. Classes are generally conducted with the help of a software or application like Skype, Adobe Connect etc. It is a more personalised form of coaching as it is conducted in one on one basis in a small group of people. The advancement in technology and the availability of high-speed internet has led to rapid growth in the number of online coaching institutes. Some of these, who started with this concept of online teaching first and are performing well in this field include NEETprep, Toppr, Embibe, Byju’s etc. Many more competitors are coming up, and it is completely the choice of a student to select the most suitable one for them.


  • Let us take a look at the few benefits of online coaching:
  • Online coaching can be taken at the ease of your homes without having to travel long distances which in turn will help you save a lot of time and money.
  • It is also a suitable option for parents who want to monitor their ward’s studies closely.
  • Online classes are conducted by the best teachers who have been a part of premier institutions across the country.
  • Keeping in mind the schedule of students, online classes are generally scheduled late in the evening after 6 or 7 PM. This helps students in utilising most of their time to do self-study or complete any school assignments before the class.
  • Online coaching also removes the drawback of personal attention which is faced in coaching institutes. At maximum, 20 students can be taught at a time online, so the teacher has the scope to keep track of the progress of every student.
  • It is a global teaching and learning platform as online coaching is not restricted to one part of the country. Students from abroad can also be a part of this type of coaching.
  • Online coaching institute also provides offer, attractive discounts and scholarships, which helps reduce the financial load of students.


  • Even though online coaching has many benefits, it does not come without a drawback. The only drawback of online coaching is:
  • Students from some parts of the country with poor connectivity or network issues might face the technical glitches like system failure or power cut etc. To overcome this problem, technical orientation is also conducted by online coaching institutes. Recording of classes is also available for future reference.

Integrated Coaching

  • Integrated coaching is provided through partnerships with schools and mostly conducted in the school itself. It might work for some students, but sometimes they might miss on something better just because they do not do research before selecting this source. Since integrated coaching is conducted by the schools itself, there is no such top institute for it which can be listed.


  • Integrated coaching has existed for many years now. Following are the benefits of integrated coaching:
  • The cost and time of travelling for coaching are saved since classes are conducted by the school itself after the regular classes get over.
  • Students and parents find it easier to trust the schools itself with the responsibility of preparing their children for entrance examinations.
  • The fee for integrated coaching is less compared to coaching institutes because it is mostly combined with the school fee. Also, because it is for the students of the school itself, the package rates are subsidised compared to others.


  • Before making your final choices, take a look at the disadvantages of integrated coaching.
  • Some students might not be comfortable with the teaching practices of the faculty of their school, which might pose a problem in understanding concepts.
  • Integrated coaching classes are mostly conducted by qualified faculty members of the school, but this also means that students might be missing on the exposure that they could get if they preferred coaching institutes.
  • Classes are usually conducted right after the school hours are over, which will become exhausting for students. Not taking enough breaks will affect the students focus while studying.
  • The choice of institutions for NEET preparation plays a significant role in the students’ performance and influences their career. The above discussion also tells us that the traditional coaching institutes are not the only option which students depend upon these days.
  • In the end, among all the options available, it is the decision of parents and students to weigh the pros and cons of each source and decide what’s best for them. Every student has their own requirement while preparing for competitive exams, and what suits them best will also depend upon them. It is better to weigh the advantage and disadvantage of each option to avoid regretting your decision later.

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- Published/Last Modified on: January 23, 2020


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