Pattern of NEST Exam 2019

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There are in all five sections in the NEST question paper. Among the five sections, the first section has to be compulsorily attempted by all the candidates. This section is of general questions. The next four sections includes questions on

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Candidates are given option to attempt any three of the last four sections. All sections carry equal marks. The test focuses on evaluating the comprehension and analytic ability of the candidates. The questions are of objective type. Each question has five options as answers, of which there may only be one relatively correct answer. Negative marking is there for incorrect answers.

The number of students taking this examination has been increasing since the exam was first conducted in 2007.

The availability of seats in recent years is as given in table below:


Intake (2007)

Intake (2008)

Intake (2009)

Intake (2010)

Intake (2011)

Intake (2012)

National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER)

Seats 40

Seats 40

Seats 52

Seats 60

Seats 60

Seats 60

Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences (UM-DAE CBS)

Seats 20

Seats 12



Seats 35

Seats 35

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