Preparation Tips for the NICL Exam 2021

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For clear of any exam we have to proper study plan and syllabus.

So, you can manage time for the preparation.

In any exam time management is very important factor.

If you have 3 months for the preparation. Divide these days appropriately. If you think you have 90 days enough for the preparation. But 90 days divide by number of sections you have 5 section, you will be left only 18 days for preparation.

Study in a time bound manner. Give more time to sections you are think you are weak in.

Following the Section wise strategy.


  • Most people asks reasoning is more difficult and time consuming section. But believe this is the easiest section in the paper.
  • For questions on coding – decoding, alphabet series, syllogism, it is better if you write down the alphabets and then solve.
  • Practice questions on seating arrangement, Assertion and reasoning and decision making questions.
  • Make own short cuts and strategies to solve these questions.
  • This question look hard but practice make it easy.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Quantitative section can be easy if you understand the basic fundamental and practice more variety of questions.
  • Learn the formula especially of mensuration and trigonometry.
  • If you do not remember the formulas you won՚t be able to solve questions.
  • You need to more practice of questions like HCF and LCM, average, percentage, time and speed, pipes and cisterns etc.

General Awareness

  • This section is very conclusive.
  • You should read current affairs of national and international news, important days, current science, Technology, sports & culture, currency, Capital, United Nations etc.
  • General questions focus on current affairs related to Insurance, banking and economics.

English Language

  • English section is very east to score for those who have command over the language. But some people are not very comfortable with the language more especially with grammar.
  • They need to work hard for this section. English is usually not given much importance and we tend to give more time to other section.
  • Practice more questions as possible because speed is more important.

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