Preparation Tips for NID 2021

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NID entrance exam sometimes also referred to as NID design aptitude test (DAT) is an entrance exam that a NID aspirant to get the admission into NID.

Qualifying in the NID DAT, the candidates called for a studio test and then interview.

NID DAT exam is all depends on balancing skills. Each design school has a different perception towards design. NID does not accept the score of other design entrance test. NID DAT is a test that focus on how the design is carried out. Here some tips for how crack the NID DAT

Be Creative

It is difficult to understand the questions. Try to give smart and creative answers. Ensure that you have to more practice for the show case your skills.

Get Familiar with Design, Symbolism, and Conventions

Questions are often left open ended and aim to test whether you can present the design well. Make sure that you know the design convention as it helps you to answer.

Focus on Enriching Sketching Style

Your customized sketch will definitely fetch you the better marks. Try finding different types of shading and strokes while practicing.

Observe and Analyze

Ability to observe and analyze from your perspective and relate current situation.

Balance Sketch and Time

Sketching is a time taking factor. While answering try to provide simplify the solution. Estimate the space and then sketch in faint hand to get a sense of proportions and once this is done, rush into sketching. Sketch as fast as you can.

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