Physics MCQs for NIFT Part 11

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It is possible to observe total internal reflection when light travels from

  1. Air to water

  2. Air to glass

  3. Water to glass

  4. Glass to water


A concave lens has focal length. A real object placed at a distance fin front of the lens from the pole produces an image


The image formed by a plane mirror is

  1. Real and same size as the object.

  2. Virtual, same size as the object.

  3. Real and magnified.

  4. None of these.


36 The limit of resolution of the eye is one minute at a distance x from the eye. Two persons stand with a lateral separation of 3cms. To see the two persons just resolved by the naked eye. X should be about


In the displacement method of measuring the focal length of a convex lens, the length of the images in the two positions of the lens between the object and the screen is respectively. The length of the object is


The refracting angle of a prism is a and the refractive index of the material of the prism, the angle of minimum deviation is


A ray of light travels from vacuum into a medium of refractive index n. The angle of incidence is found to be twice the angle of refraction. The angle of incidence is


An object placed at distance ‘a’ from the focus of a convex lens forms its real image at a distance ‘b’ from the focus. The focal length of the mirror is

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