Physics MCQs for NIFT Part 5

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What is the self-inductance of a coil in which an induced emf ofis set up when the current is


Lenz’s Law is a consequence of law of conservation of

  1. Energy only.

  2. Charge only.

  3. Momentum only.

  4. Energy and momentum.


Two blocks A lying on a friction less table are connected by a light string. The system is pulled horizontally with an acceleration of by a force F on B. The tension in the string is


A body of mass 2kg collides with a wall with a speed of and rebounds with the same speed. If the time of contact is, the force exerted on the wall s


The mechanical advantage of a system of pulley is four. The force needed to lift a mass of will be


The distance covered in time by a body having initial velocity and having constant acceleration a is given by. This result follows from

  1. Newton’s First Law

  2. Newton’s Second Law

  3. Newton’s Third Law

  4. None of the above


A plumb bob is hanging from the ceiling of a car. If the car moves with the acceleration ‘a’ the angle made by the string with the vertical is


A weight can be just supported on a rough inclined plane by a force either acting along the plane or horizontally. If is the angle of friction, then is

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