Preparation Tips for the NIFT 2021

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  • Practice is the key to success. Try to sketch almost anything and everything you come across.
  • Browse through various newspapers, magazines and online sites.
  • Take ideas from various advertisements, posters, banners etc. , you come across.
  • Keep your eraser away from you while practicing. it՚ll help your lines become more bold and confident.
  • Give importance to detailing where ever required, like the face of a human figure or the human՚s outfits etc.
  • Try to master the skills of human illustration. Concentrate more in proportions, form etc.
  • Calligraphy skills come handy in posters, banner design, etc. Learn and practice different styles of lettering as they can come handy.
  • Stick to the prescribed syllabus of the NIFT entrance exam.
  • While sketching first make a light sketch and later darken the drawing once you are confident about it. This helps you save time erasing mistakes.

In the Examination Hall

  • Please use quality color pencils. Best and economic option would be faber castle color pencils with at least 24 shades in it.
  • Planning is very important. First plan your ideas and then start on with sketching.
  • Start off with simple ones like logo design or t-shirt design. Go for the complicated ones like scene drawing later.
  • Please! ! Plan your time and try to complete the paper.

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