CAT Syllabus 2021

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NIFT CAT Syllabus for Bachelor of Design & Master of Design

CAT – Creative Ability Test

This test to judge the intuitive ability, power of observation in concept development and design ability of the candidate. An important aspect of the test is the creative & innovative use of color & illustration skills.

Situation Test

Shortlisted candidates for B. Des from the written entrance examination are required to undergo a situation test which is a hands on test to evaluate the candidate՚s skills for material handling & innovative ability on a given situation with a given set of materials.

Group Discussion

Shortlisted candidates for masters programs from the written entrance examination are required to group discussion & Personal Interview.

GD would comprise of 15 to 20 minutes of discussion on a one topic. There are some parameter discuss in GD as below.

  • Conceptual Clarity
  • Knowledge of the topic assigned
  • Contribution made to the topic
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to generate new ideas
  • Problem solving approach
  • Leadership qualities
  • Effective Communication

Personal Interview

A candidates is judged on the various parameter during personal interview as listed below.

  • Career Orientation
  • Aptness for the field
  • Overall personal achievement in academics & co – curricular activities
  • Communication
  • General awareness & aptitude, creative & lateral thinking are likely to be useful

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