NIFT Exam Syllabus 2021

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NIFT GAT for Bachelor of Design & Master of Design

Quantitative Ability

This section check the quantitative ability of the candidates. In this section include the questions on Addition, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Percentage, Rate of Interest, Work and Task, Ratio and Proportion, and Distance.

Communication Ability

This section՚s aims to testing the communication ability of the candidates in English. It includes questions on synonyms, antonyms, words with corresponding meanings, singular, plural, one word substitutes, idioms and phrases, correct spellings etc.

English Comprehension

This section check the ability of comprehend a given passage & test the basic of English.

Analytical Ability

This test is designed for the test of candidate՚s capacity for ability of inference and logic from the given information.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

This test is designed to test the candidate՚s general knowledge and current affairs.

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