How to Prepare for NIPER JEE

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For the preparation of NIPER JEE you should have to put more effort while preparing for exam.

  • Note that, there is no any official syllabus for NIPER JEE.
  • For the best preparation for NIPER JEE you should preparation try to go through organic chemistry, particularly IUPAC names, stereo chemistry
  • Writing the structures and interpretation of spectra.
  • With this don՚t forget to prepare B. Pharms syllabus.
  • For better result your basic concepts related to bio-chemistry and chemistry should be stronger.
  • Apart from this you should have to be preparing for basic mathematics, logical reasoning and English concepts.
  • You should have to be updated with the new arrival of drugs.
  • As for other examination Time Management is must
  • Make schedule which will cover all the subjects which we have mentioned above and try to follow it.
  • Revision is a most important part of better preparation so also include it in schedule.
  • don՚t be frustrated by see at syllabus try to manage each subject in schedule and it will be not too difficult because you have studded it before:
  • As with other exam solve papers then you will get more idea about how to prepare and what to prepare.
  • If you are not able to prepare for NIPER JEE by yourself then it better to do in group study or join any reputed classes.
  • Group study is good option but in some case you will not get better idea about your preparation that in which section you are week.
  • Be relaxed on the day of exam.
  • If any section in the exam paper is difficult then don՚t be frustrated and try to be relaxed because due to this you will spoil your whole paper.
  • If you are not sure about any answer then don՚t attempt due to the negative marking system.
  • And In the end sleep well before a day of exam, arrange your assessors like pen, exam receipt etc … Before the day of exam.
  • Reach to exam center 1 hour before then exam time for other formality.
  • Try to visit exam center one day before exam if possible so you will be familiar with the atmosphere.
  • If your exam center is in the other city then reached there before day of exam so you can be relax on day of exam.

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