NIPER Book List

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Other Important Books for NIPER Exam

  1. Jerry March
  2. Morrison and Boyd (ESPECIALLY Peptide and Carbohydrate chemistry)
  3. IL Finar Vol-I and Vol-II (Heterocyclic chemistry and organic synthesis)
  4. For various therapeutic classes: Trease and Evans
  5. For spectroscopy: Silverstein, Pavia, Kemp.
  6. Rang and Dale (ALL CHEMOTHERAPY CLASSES OF DRUGS. IF YOU READ THE WHOLE BOOK, then nothing else is needed)
  7. FSK Barar
  8. Wilson and Griswold (for Mechanism)
  9. Lachmann (ALL new and old techniques in Pharmaceutical Industry)
  10. Alfred Martin (ALL physical chemistry BASICS)
  11. Remington՚s Pharmaceutical Sciences
  12. Bramhankar Liberman Series.
  13. Kasture (for Bioassay and Screening)
  14. Willard
  15. Silverstein (Mass Spectroscopy)
  16. William Kemp (NMR)
  17. Pavia (for spectroscopy)
  18. Others like Alfred Martin, Chatwal (UV) , Garry Christen (Chemical Methods)
  19. Vyas and Dixit
  20. IP Appendices
  21. Foye, Williams and Lemke, Medicinal chemistry, 5th / 6th edition, chapter 1 − 6 (Computational drug design and molecular modeling) .

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