Past Paper for NIPER 2007

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Q1 sterioisomer which are not mirror image of each other called?


Q2 biphenyl compound are optically active due to


Q3 reaction a________b


Q4 which base is prefferd for elimination ovar substitution


cyclic chain analogue of sugar is called?


Q6 fig a fig b are


Q7 compared to p-nitrobenzoic acid, p-methoxybenzoic acid is

Ans-less acid

Q8 hybridisation state of carbanion is


Q9 nucleophilic substitution most favourd in

Ans-2,4, 6, chlorobenzene

Q10 one strioproduct is predominating in which reaction? Ans sterioselective

Q11 1,1-dimethylcyclohexane is optically due to

Ans-absence of restrication rotation

Q12 reagent use for epoxidation is


Q13 tropic acid is optically inactive

Ans-absence of chiral centre

Q14 bond length of hydrogen nucei is


Q15 reagent used in benzoin condensation is


Q16 which buffer system provide ph 1.6

Ans cetric acid

Q17 pka of drug is 6.7 and ph of medium 7.4 deug is

Ans-positive charge

Q18 ionic product/autoprotolysis, by increase in temptrture


Q19 according to arrhenious theary pseudo base is

Ans-which bring about to donate 0hQ20

monoacidic base is

Ans-base which accept h +

Q21 3d arrangement on 2d paper drawn by

An s-newman pojection

Q22 addition of alkaline and cold kmno4


Q23 hybridisation state of methyl free radical is


Q24one q. On sequence rule

Q25geometrical isomer is related to

ans-constitutional isomer

Q26 charged amino acid is

Ans-arginine histine

Q27 geletin have isoelctronic points is


Q28 inulin on hydrrolysis to give


Q29 in protien translation, which amino acid uses

Ans-d. L both

Q30 3d arrangement of protien is

Ans-quaternary struture

Q31 dna folding is

Ans-catalytic phenonmenon

Q32 red colour of blood is due to

Ans-heme and methyl

Q33 degenracy of genetic code is

Ans-code do not overlap

Q34 restrication endonuclease cut

Ans-dna and rna both

Q35 denaturation of protien is by

Ans-heat. Ph, alkali

Q36 brij is

Ans-poly alkoxy sorbitn fatty acid ester

Q37 histocompatibility is associated to


Q38letter word for tryptophan is


Q39 for sterlisation becteria following are used


Q40 trasfer of genetic material to e. Coli is called


Q41 pyruvic acid is enter to mitochondria due to

ans pyruvate dehydrogenase is mitochondrial enzyme

Q42 oxidation of fats by


Q43 which will give max amount of energy

Ans-1, gm of fats

Q44 activation energy of reaction is

Ans constant

Q45 which thing is determine in aids thearpy

Ans-cd4 + count

Q46 ion linked receptor are

Ans-gaba, glutamate, ach

Q47 tetracycline given along with


Q48 which antihypertensive drue is given to patient who is on insulin thearpy


Q49 which drug avalable as transdermal form


Q50 which is extensively metabolised

Ans-lidocaine, propranol

Q51 first pass metabolism occur by

ans-oral rout

Q51 true statement about barbiturates is

Ans-narrow thearpeutic index. Enzyme induction

Q52 benzapril is

Ans-ace inhibitor

Q53 patient suffering from glucoma epilepsy, oedema which drug is prefferd


Q54 drug used in mysthenia gravis is


Q55 muscarinic agonist is


Q56 muscarinic antagonist is


Q57pre systemic metabolism cause

Ans-decearse half of drug

Q58 drug absorption effected by

Ans-food, ph of stomach, dease state

Q59 which factor not affect the drug absorption

Ans-patient colour

Q60 true about renal excretion of drug is

Ans-all drug excreted by glomeralus

Q61 which agent used in removing h. Pylori


Q62 sar is

Ans-study about drug struture for chemical steability

Q63 false about metoclopramide is

Ans-decrease prolactine secretion

Q64 morphine heated with con. Hcl give


Q65 a &b chain of insuline is linked by

Ans-sulphide linkage

Q66 sulpher linkage is formed by

ans-by two cystein molecule

Q67 phenyl glycine chain is seen in


Q68 hall mark of diabetic mellitus is


Q69 which drug used in ceribral maleria


Q70 which drug is contraindicated with pyrimethamine is


Q71 e. Histolytica infective state is


Q72 which of following cause release of 5ht

Ans-stomach seacretion

Q73 stomatitis is called

Ans-inflamation of gastric mucosa

Q74 allergic response is due towhich antibodies


Q75 which is true abou non epineohripine

Ans-encrease bp cadiac potential

Q76 asprine causes

Ans-decrease mucose production

Q77 moa of antihyperlipidemic is

Ans-inhibit hmg coa reductase

Q78 due to decrease of phosphate level which level is increase


Q79 mannitol is not goven orally due to

Ans-orallt toxicity, unpleasent taste, not absorb orally

Q80 mannitol is

Ans-osmotic diuretic

Q81 andrographolide is obtain from


Q82 kuktoside is another name of

Ans-gentiana lutea

Q83 camphothicin inhibit


Q84 which enzyme break down glycosidase bond


Q85 subarin is present in

Ans-cork cell

Q86 which is naterually emulsifying agent


Q87 drug resistence occuer due to

ans-spontanies mutation

Q88 quality test of suppository is

Ans-melting point, breaking test, dissolution

Q89 sequence of deug dissolutin is

Ans-breaking disintegration, deaggreation dissolution

Q90 nohey whitney equation is for

Ans-drug dissolution

Q91 hydrotrophy is related

Ans-drug solublasition

Q92 hensen paddle test used for

Ans-determination of viscosity of semisolid

Q93 partical size use in sedimention is

Ans-1 − 1200micron

Q94 unit of viscocity


Q95 relative gravitaional force is ratio of


Q96 trandem i s

Q97 ratio of methyl and propyl paraben is


Q98 for coating which is used

Ans-hpmc& cmc

Q99 monometric is used in

Ans-transdermal system

Q100 autoclave work on

Ans-high pressure

Q101 treated soda lime glass used for preantral purpase in condition of

Q102 ethenyl oxide killed by

Ans-alkalytic dna strand

Q103 de flocculated suspansion is

Ans-dilant system

Q104 vanihing cream is

Ans-emulsion base

Q105 in which system dot pattern observed


Q106 calcium phosphate is used as

Ans-compressed vehicle

Q107 garlic contain

ans-diallyl propyl

Q108 binomial nomenclature related

Ans-specise & genus

Q109 disintegration time of uncoated is

Ans-15 minute

Q110 type 1 dissolution appratus is

Ans-rotating basket type

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