Past Paper for NIPER 2009

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  1. Heparin is a? Protein, polysacchride (ans)

  2. cochicine acts by?

  3. molarity of water? 55.5, 18, 1, none

  4. protein sequences detected by ramchandran plot

  5. Avicel is a grade of? PEG, microcrystalline cellulose (ans),

  6. US FDA approved drug 2009 for gout? gomilumab

  7. US FDA approved drug 2009 for psychosis? iliperidone

  8. cocoa butter is? insol in water

  9. size of suppository used for adults? 4

  10. smallest capsule size among 0, 1, 2, 4

  11. RBI established in which year

  12. UTI (United Trust of India) functions.

  13. Antonym of onerous

  14. Synonym of infrequent

  15. water soluble lubricant? Lactose, sod chloride, PEG, sorbitol

  16. IR ranges of Acid chloride

  17. 2200.2100 range of?

  18. identify which rearrangemt? Cope, favorskii, claisen.

  19. baeyer villaegr oxidation catalyst? Ans. Perowy acids

  20. role of reverse transcriptase?

  21. nomenclature of taxol side chain

  22. mycolic acid is chemically?

  23. different ring forms of carbohydrates called as. Anomers

  24. QSAR 3D analysis. CoMFA

  25. if a molecule is xposed to uv radiation. Wht will happen? elsctronic distribution. Change in spin, orienatation. All.

  26. Family of haemophilus. Pasteurelliceae

  27. SN2 reaction. There is. Retention of orientation, inversion (ans)

  28. role of roprinole

  29. side effects of antipsychotic drugs expect?

  30. properties of bases of supp are true… Except? Base shud melt below 30 degrees

  31. which one is photosensitive? Ciprofloxacin

  32. structure of nifedipine

  33. which one is nonionic polymer. Sorbitan ester

  34. nonirritating purgative. Ans____ sodium carboxy methyl cellulose

  35. if a drug is highly protein bound then?

  36. steriochemistry of gossypol

  37. steriochemistry of ephedrine

  38. what is the structure of betain?

  39. what is the use of auditing in banks?

  40. how much hydrogen bond cud be formed by one molecule of water. Ans 4.

  41. nobel prize in medicine in year 2008?

  42. US FDA appproved drug for rheumatoid arthritis. Ans. Golimunab

  43. MOA of trimetazine ans. Inhibition of carnityl transferase

  44. which one of the following liquid can not be givin by IV route. Methanol. Ethanol…

  45. what is glutathione? Formed by 3 amino acids… And a detoxifying agent

  46. Which of the following drugs has effect on the conduction of heart? verapamil

  47. year in which RBI was nationalized.

  48. Weight of adult suppository

  49. delta value of acetylene comapred with ethylene

  50. Polarity of acetone compared with methanol

  51. There were 2.3 questions on cis. Trans and R. S config.

  52. Questions on mental ability. Funda was very simple like in 1 question it was code for a word like a. 1. b. 2. c. 3 and in another question it was ‘a’ related with b, c with d like that.

  53. IR range for acid chloride

  54. IR range for 6 membered beta lactam

  55. Scientists associated with tetrahedral geometry?

  56. Geomatrix system is associated with? TDDS (ans)

  57. rate of release of drug from TDDS is dependent on?

  58. site directed mutagenesis?

  59. Code of tryptophan

  60. Base peak of MS

  61. Strongest Immobilization technique?

  62. Vmax refers to?

  63. Tolvaptan is? Vasopressin antagonist

  64. Min member required for Cooperative society?

  65. Approved drug for Alzheimer disease? Donepazil and Rivastigmine

  66. Imino amino acid? Proline

  67. Analkiren is? Renin inhibitor

  68. Which of this is not s/e of metoclopromide? Ans. Nephrotoxicity

  69. Which of this crosses BBB? Ans. Unionized drugs

  70. Disguised unemployement refers to?

  71. Which of this is not an economic activity? Ans. a student playing cricket in school

  72. Company issues bonus shares to? Ans. Existing share holders

  73. DNA right handed helix is characterized by?

  74. Which of this drug is most distributed in fat? Ans. Rifampicin

  75. Which anti. TB crosses BBB? Ans. Streptomycin

  76. Rupee note is issued by? Ans. Issuing department of RBI

  77. Phosphatase test in Pastuerisation of milk is done for? Ans. For absence of Phosphatase (doubtful)

  78. Which of this is not hydrophilic polymer? Ans. Ethyl cellulose

  79. Which of this is a Weak electrolyte? Ans. Urea

  80. Penicillin acylase is also known as? Ans. Penicillin amidase

  81. Carbon carbon triple bond in IR range? Ans. 2150

  82. Acetylene NMR shift compared Ethylene? Options were increases or decreases (check out)

  83. Cell immobilization diverse the reaction towards? Options were maintenance of cell or increases product (Check out)

  84. Aprotic solvent eg?

  85. Starting material for Furazolidine?

  86. Relapsing fever is caused by? Ans. P. Vivax

  87. Lead compound? Refer definition

  88. Subs with no efficacy and high affinity? Ans. Antagonist

  89. Hansel Paddle apparatus is used for? Ans. For consistency of Semisolids

  90. Planning commission was constituted in which year? Check out.

  91. Planar Chromatography is related to? Ans. Paper/TLC

  92. In suspension which polymorph is used? Ans. Metastable (Check)

  93. In suspension the particle size not greater than?

  94. In emulsion the particle size of dispersed phase is not greater than?

  95. Which of this method is not used for study of Polymorphism? Ans. HPLC

  96. Content uniformity test is done for? Ans. Potency

  97. Which of this are not official tests for tablet? Ans. Friability

  98. Double bond determined by? Options are Bromination, Ozonolysis, and Hydrogenation, all of above…

  99. Antimarkonikov addition of HBr to styrene gives? Ans. Ph. CH2. CH2. Br

  100. Which of this is homoannular?

  101. Regioisomer?

  102. Highest protein synthesis occurs in? Ans. Hepatocytes (Check)

  103. PKa < 3 where will the least absorption occur? Ans. Stomach

  104. Aminoguanidine is inhibitor of? Ans. Nitric oxide Synthase

  105. Hallucinogenic effect mediated thru which receptor? Ans. GABA

  106. Polyester is made of?

  107. Effect of Plasticizer on glass transition temperature?

  108. Which of this is added to plasticize the shell in SGC? Ans. Sorbitol

  109. Pyrimethamine acts by? Ans. Dihydrofolate inhibitor

  110. Oral hypolipidemic drug acts? Ans. Inhibiting HMGCo. A reductase

  111. Tropine shows optical activity because?

  112. Cis and Trans Cinnamic acid are? Ans. Diastereomers

  113. Whichdrug is contraindicated in Diabetes? Ans. Propranolol

  114. De novo ligand synthesis? Refer definition

  115. Symbol P in QSAR is for? Ans. Partition Coefficient

  116. Structure of abietic acid was given. How many stereoisomers possible?

  117. R. COO. CH (CH3) 2 which type of peaks shown by terminal methyl protons of isopropyl group? Ans. Doublet

  118. All are true forAnandamide except? Ans. It is an endogenous antagonist.

  119. T1/2 of drug is 12hrs then wat time is req for achieving 90% concentration in Plasma? Ans. 40hrs

  120. Endogeneous pyrogen in fever? IL. 2

  121. Infective hepatitis is confirmed by increase in?

  122. Highest ATP is produced by? Ans. 1mol of fat

  123. Nitrobenzene directs the incoming group to? Ans. Meta position

  124. Comparision of acidity of nitrobenzoic acid and methoxybenzoic acid?

  125. Cimetidine s/e? Ans. Gynaecomastea

  126. Cimetidine effects by? Ans. Induction of other enzymes

  127. Carbenicillin and Gentamicin not given in same vial because? Ans Gentamicin is ppted

  128. Equilibrium of drug concentration is achieved lastly in? Ans. Fat (Check)

  129. Aspirin acts by? Ans. Irreversible inhibition of COX. 1

  130. Impurity profiling uses which technique? Ans. GC. MS

  131. Which of this is not aromatic? Options were cycloheptadiene cation, Cycloheptadiene anion, Cyclopentadiene cation, Ferrocene

  132. Bond length in H2? Ans. 1.2A

  133. Ipratropium is used in Asthma bcoz of? Ans. Anticholinergic effect

  134. When residual air is replaced by steam in autoclaving for? Ans increasing pressure

  135. When does the quantity of oxygen increases in water? Ans. When vapor press is increases

  136. Disadvantage of Plastic containers?

  137. Which is not true for Endothelin?

  138. Favorsky reaarangement?

  139. In injectables, glass vials are sterilized by? Ans. Autoclaving

  140. allosteric binding means____

  141. when should dissolution of partnership be done for a firm

  142. why is multi drug treatment given in TB.

  143. far IR region lies in the range of:

  144. Which of this is not an organometallic compound (Do structure of that very nicely)?

  145. What is electrophoretic mobility?

  146. preparative HPLC is used for?

  147. Bredts rule statement?

  148. How does the company start cash flow in market? Ans. By issuing Shares

  149. Two chains of Insulin are linked by? Ans. Disulphide bonds

  150. Which motor protein in muscle is dependent on ATP for their activity? Ans. Myosin

  151. Given structure is? Ans-Sawhorse type configuration (See basic arrangement in Sawhorse configuration from Morrison)

  152. Which immunoglobulin is expressed in Allergic reactions? Ans. IgE

  153. In penicillin fermentation, why is the pH first adjusted to 2? Ans. To decrease the solubility

  154. In 3. Beta hydroxy steroid with A & B ring trans fused, what is relation between 10. Beta hydroxy and 3. Beta hydroxyl group? Ans. Axial, equatorial, etc (Check out)

  155. Same question as 129th from NIPER 2005 paper (Check out)

  156. Which of this is titrated by Iodometry (Do this list nicely)?

  157. Organism that require very low conc of oxygen but cannot survive high amount of oxygen are called? Ans-Microaerophilic

  158. The active ion in Friedal crafts reaction is? Ans. Cation