Past Paper for NIPER 2010

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  1. B. S Of Clove
  2. Clove: Name Which Of The Following?
  3. Diil Consist Of Which Of The Najor C. C
  4. The Precursor For Cadaverine
  5. Chemical Name Of Myrij
  6. In Hepa Filter “H” Stands 4?
  7. The Tolerance Limit 4 Tablet < 300 Mg
  8. Whitch Of The Following Is Bitter? Butterscotch, Citrous, Cherry, Liquorice
  9. Aflatoxin Is?
  10. Ir Range For Acid Chloride?
  11. Dalta Value For-Ch3
  12. 2009 Nobale Price Winner For Physiology And Medicine?
  13. Cis And Trans Citric Acid Are? Diasterioisomer or Enanstiomer
  14. Nonmirror Images Isomer R Called?
  15. Whitch Of The Followeing Is Optical Isomer? A. Arenes B. Biphinyl L C. Meso Tartaric Acid D. None
  16. Geometry Of Carbon In Tetrahedral Symetry Shown By?
  17. Which One Is Amphipathic? 1. Aminoacid 2. Fatty Acid 3. Neucleotide
  18. Beta Lymphocyte Is Produced In? 1. Liver 2. Kidney 3. Bonemarrow
  19. Erythropoetin Is Producd By? Option Are As Above.
  20. Sibutramine Is Used 4?
  21. Whitch Drug Is Not Given To Diabetic Patient?
  22. Dna Gyrase Is Inhibited By?
  23. Which Of The Following Is Act By Protien Syn?
    1. Rifampicin
    2. Gentamycine 3. None
  24. Which Of The Following Is Homoannular Diene?
  25. Which Process Is Not Occur In Mitochondria A. Protien Syn B. Dna Syn C. Fatty Acid Oxidation
  26. Nfk-? Produced By?
  27. In Hepatitis B Which Drug Is Used?
  28. Which Of The Following Is Anti Helminth?
  29. Gentamycin Have Following Effect A. Ototoxicity B. Nephrotoxicity C. Respiratory Paralysis D. All
  30. Zeemzn Effect Related To?
  31. Methotraxate Act By?
  32. All Sulpha Drugs In Act By?
    1. Competative
    2. Non-Competative B.
  33. In Cynide Poisoning Which Is Used?
    1. Na Nitrate
    2. Na Nitrite
    3. Dry Kaolin
  34. Hb Causes Reversible Binding With?
    1. O2
    2. O2 And Co2? 3. Co2?
  35. If A Anti Body Added To Serum Which One Cause Ppt?
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
  36. Which One Prolongs Coagulation Time?
    1. Heparin
    2. Quinidene
  37. In Antigen Anti Body Reaction Which One Of The Following Is Not Occor?
    1. Covalant Bonding
    2. Hydrogen Bonding
    3. Vanderwals Bondind
  38. Which 1 Of These Usu To Identify Cell Syrcture Against Dark Background?
    1. Electron Micro
    2. Phase Contrast Micro 3. Fluroscent Microscopy
  39. Chitosan Is Present?
    1. Only Eucaryotic Cellwall
    2. In Eucaryotic Cell Wall And Mem 3. In

    Prokaryotic Cell Mem

  40. Which One Following Is Correct?
    1. Disiintgration Test Not Perform For Sustain Release Teb?
    2. If The Dissolution For Capsule Not Occour Then Noy Perform Disintigartion Test (Not Sure For This Sen)
    3. Both
    4. None
  41. 152 − A Is Denoted For Propellant?
  42. Mull Is The Term Used For?
    1. Ft-Ir
    2. Uv
    3. Nmr
  43. Handersen Helbetch Eqation For?
  44. In The Reversed Phase Chrometography Separation Is Increased By Making Mobile Phase?
    1. More Polar
    2. Less Polar
  45. Ane Que From To Identify Configuration R Or S?
  46. Hpmc Is Used For?
  47. Carboxy Vinyl Polymer Is From Following?
  48. If All The Water From The Base Is Removed From The Base And Leaving The Dryis Calld? Xerogel
  49. How Many Times 6 Will Be Come Followed By 3 And Preceding 8 (Whole Series Not Remembered) ?
  50. 2, 18,54, 162
  51. Histones Are Present In?
  52. Whitch One Shows Nmr? A. Isobutene B. 1 − 2 Dibromo R Methyl Butane
  53. M/Z For Phenyl Butero Aceto Phenone?
  54. Which On Of The Give Diiffrent Class Of The Grop? A. Rimmer Timan Reaction B. Sandmayer Reaction C. Velsmier Reactin Gatterman Reaction?
  55. Which Is Higly React With Water? A. Ester B. Amide C. Amine
  56. Injection Vial Is Sterilized By?
  57. Whitch One Of These Is Highly Electodonating Group? A. Nh2 B. Cn
  58. Accordind To Bond Energy Which Is Corecct? A. H-H > H-Cl > Cl-Cl > C-H
  59. Which One Is Corrct? A. Uv > Ir > Nmr B. Uv < Ir < Nmr Like This
  60. In Ch3coch3 The Ir Range For C = O?
  61. Which Is Commanly Occour Inn Both Aerobic And Anerobic? A. Glycolysis? B. Tca Cycle? C. Krebs Cycle?
  62. The Bacteria That Req Low O2 But Cant Tolerate High 02 Calld? A. Mesoaerophillic B. Fucaltive C. Obligate
  63. The Company Made Contraceptive “I-Pil” Supplied To Which Company? A. Cipla B. Dr Reddy? C. Piramil
  64. Which One Is Not Correct? A. Mankind-72 B. Piramal-I-Pill
  65. The Term Auva A. Himachalpradesh B. Kashmir
  66. The Term Ligislation The Precr Control Act Which One On Folloeing Is Req? A. Emmendace Commite Act B. D &C Act C. M &N Tp Act
  67. C6h5coch3 Is Cnverted In C6h5ch2 Ch3 Which Reactin (Catalyst Is Not Given Even In Niper) ?
  68. Ethylacetoacetate Is The Product Of Which Reactin?
  69. Strong Reagent Is Used 4 Epoxidation?
  70. In Ch3ch2 Co Ch3 The? Value For C = O
  71. Inn Congugated Diene Addion Of Choromophare? A. Minimumwave Number B. Maximum Wave Number
  72. Which One Of The Folowing Struc Is Homo Annular Diene?
  73. In Epiganic There Is Chang In? A. DNA B. RNA C. Protein Structure
  74. In Hplc The Binding Can Be Increased By? A. By Using More Polar M. P B0less Polar M. P C. More Polar S. P
  75. Which One From The Following Is Anti-helmenthic? A. Mebandazole B. Penicin C. Gentamycin
  76. Which On Of Is Used In Renal Failure?
  77. Benzodiazepine Is A. Major Tronquilizer B. Minor Tronquilizer
  78. Which Of The Following Is Bind With Gaba-A? Flumazenil
  79. Febuxostat Is Used In? Anti Gout
  80. Milacpran Is Used In?
  81. Asenapine Is Used In?
  82. Phase-1 Studuy Is Done In? A. Small Number Of Patient For Estimation Of Safety B. Small Nomber Of Patient For Safety?
  83. In Anhydrous Lactose Which Of Thec Following Is There? A. Converted In Amorphous Form B. Converted In To Crystalline Form?
  84. Which On Of These Is Not Usd For Crystal Identification? A. Xrd B. Dsc C. Ord
  85. Myasthemiya Gravis Is Done Becase Of Deficiency Of A. Muscarinic-Ach B. Nicotinic-Ach
  86. Adrenergic Bloker Is Also Calld? A. Sympatholytic B. Parasympathomimetie C. Sympathomimetic D. Parasympatholytic
  87. Which One Of Thesecis Used In Daibetes Type-2? Pioglitazone Which Of The Followig Is Used As Bioadhesive Material?
  88. Freze Thaw Cycling Is Used In Suspention 4 Determine? A. Stbility B. Solubility C. Ionization
  89. Which One Of Following Is Antioxidant Act As Reducing Agent? A. Thiourea B. Tocopherol C. Citric Acid D. Bht
  90. Which Is Not Non Aqu Vehicle? A. Poly Etelyne Glycol B. Propyleneglycol C. Isopropyl Myristearate D. Dioxalant
  91. Which One Is Used As Accelerator? A. 2-Mercaptobenz Thioazole B. Sulphar C. Zinc Oxide
  92. Which One Of The Following Is Used In Influenza-B
  93. In Infuenza (Han1 And Han5) Like Yhis Denotes? A. Nuraminidase B. Nutral Ion C. Number
  94. Brontrager Test Is Used 4 Identification Of? A. Anthraquinine Gly B. Alakaloid C. Saponin
  95. Zeie S Test Is For Identification Of? A. Ketone Bodies B. Alkaloid
  96. If The Efficeancy Of The Machine Is 12.5mhz Thane
  97. Which Isomer Of The Carbon Is Used In Nmr? A. C13 B. C 15 C. C18
  98. Which One Of The Following Bactaria Is Motile? A. Psuedomonas B. Salmonela
  99. Protozome Means?
  100. The Function Of G-Glycoprotein?
  101. Antibody Tribes Is Used For Detaction Of? A. Antibody B. Antigen
  102. The Que From Sabilizatonn Tech Perticularly Innoculam Related The Product Formation Is Decreased By
  103. Ch3ch2coch3 Is A Type Of Isomer?
  104. Compha And Comsia Is A Software Using 4? A. 2d B. 3d
  105. The 3 Diamantinal Structre Of The Pritein Is? A. Primary B. Secondary C. Tertory D. Quaternary.
  106. ? -Lymphocyte Is Produced From? A. Liver B. Kidney C. Bonemarrow
  107. Parietal Cell Responcible For Secration Of Following?
  108. Which Of The Following Anti Tb Cross The Bbb?
  109. Characteristic Of The Allosteric Binding?
  110. Anti TB Drug That Is Inhibit The Following And Produced Action?
  111. Chemical Name For Tween 40?
  112. 2 − 3 Que From Wood Ward Ficher
  113. One Figure Is There And Identify The Part That Is Done By Them.
  114. One Figure Is There (And Identify It) -A. Twisted Boat B. Boat C. Half Chair
  115. 2 − 3 Que From From Stabilization Techniq.
  116. One Drug Is There Identify The Use Of It. A. Gout B. Hypertension

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