Preparation Tips for NMAT Exam 2022

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First of all download the syllabus and exam pattern. Which is help you in make your preparation plan.

Some preparation tips are section wise is given below you must read.

Quantitative Skills

  • In quantitative skill section has 48 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. So, one questions has time 1.25 minutes.
  • In this section four more important areas of mathematics like Arithmetic, Geometry and Modern Math.
  • Start with the clear the concept on fundamental properties, formula and number operations such as odd and even, prime numbers LCM and HCF etc.
  • Improve your mental calculation ability has will save your time in calculation. Read and more practice of multiplication tables, squares, cubes common fraction and their percentage equivalents will be help you.

Logical Reasoning

  • In this section you have 40 questions solve in 38 minutes, giving approximate one minute for one question.
  • This section will test your two areas of reasoning – Verbal and analytical. Verbal reasoning is more time consuming than analytical reasoning.
  • Never assume or use any information that is not given in question.
  • You know the question is attempt first and which are leave it.
  • For example in this section, input/output questions and data sufficiency questions should only be attempt if your concepts are clear, else leave these questions.
  • Pay special attention on this word like β€˜All’ , β€˜some’ , or β€˜none’ . These are important in exam
  • Try to solve questions by making suitable diagrams, especially in arrangement questions, Venn diagram in syllogism questions.

Language Skills

  • In this section you have 32 questions to be attempted in 22 minutes, so, 40 minutes per questions.
  • But there are 10 – 12 questions based on vocabulary, which can easily be solved in 10 – 20 seconds.
  • This section will test your English vocabulary, grammar and comprehension.
  • To improve both vocabulary and comprehension, give more attention on editorial section of newspapers. This will help you in improve your comprehension skills.