NSTSE Advantages

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NSTSE is an acronym for National Level Science Talent Search Examination. This exam is scientifically designed to test the skills of students of India.

NSTSE follows CBSE syllabus. However the Question Papers, apart from being for the students of CBSE are also suitable for Students of ICSE/ISC and Various other State Board/Matriculation Syllabi. This is a test not to check the rote learning but its main focus lies to evaluate how much a student has been able to grasp, particularly the basic concepts and knowledge. The exam evaluates and lets a student know his strengths and weaknesses.

Advantage of NSTSE

  • It helps you to realize how much you have actually learnt and caught up with the skills.
  • The student comes to know at what position he stands as compared to all the students of the nation of his age-group.
  • The test report clearly states the areas of strengths and weaknesses of a student which the student can sharpen.
  • The test is not expensive. It can be afforded by all individuals.

How NSTSE is different from other tests? comparison table

CharacteristicNSTSEOther Talent & Olympiad ExamsAnnual School ExamsBoard Exams
Developed for Indian CurriculumOKOKOKOK
Tests Academic LearningOKOKOKOK
Scientifically DesignedOKXXOK
Tests conceptual learning (not general skills only)OKXOKOK
Skill-based, not fact-or rote-basedOKXOKOK
Diagnostic TestOKOKOKOK

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