NSTSE Class 2 Question Paper 2016 Part 3

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31. Pick the odd one out.


Image Carrat

Image Carrat


Image Potato

Image Potato


Image Vagitable

Image Vagitable


Image shows the vegetable – Choice A

Image Shows the Vegetable – Choice A

32. Which of these things does the plant need to prepare food?

(A) Air only

(B) Water only

(C) Sunlight only

(D) All of these

33. The function of the given organ is to _______.

(A) Pump blood

(B) Breath

(C) To think

(D) Store food 34. Which plant parts are A and B shown in the given diagram?

Image shows plant part A and B

Image Shows Plant Part a and B

(A) A - Root; B – Stem

(B) A – Root; B – Fruit

(C) A – Seed; B – Root

(D) A – Fruit; B – Root

35. We have shorter days and longer nights in

(A) Winter

(B) Summer

(C) Rainy

(D) Spring

36. Kavya wants to buy a piece of soft and bright coloured cloth to make some cushion cover. Which sense organs would she use to choose the piece of cloth?

(A) Only P and Q

(B) Only P and S

(C) Only P, Q, and R

(D) Only Q, R, and S

37. Which of these is a flesh eating animal?


Image shows a flesh eating animal – Choice A

Image Shows a Flesh Eating Animal – Choice A


Image Bafelow

Image Bafelow


Image a caw

Image a Caw


Image gots

Image Gots

38. What kind of a plant is a grapevine?

(A) Climber

(B) Herb

(C) Creeper

(D) Shrub

39. A soccer ball is placed in an open field on a sunny day. The shadow of the ball is cast on the ground as shown below.

Which position is the sun most likely to be?

(A) W

(B) X

(C) Y

(D) Z

40. Which of the following fibers are used to weave cloths suitable to wear in month of May?

(A) Cotton

(B) Jute

(C) Silk

(D) Coconut

41. Which of the following houses is bamboo house?


Image shows the house – Choice A

Image Shows the House – Choice A


Image buliding

Image Buliding


Image tent

Image Tent


Image igloo

Image Igloo

42. Which of the following groups is made up of only non-living things?

(A) Dog, cat, caterpillar, maggot

(B) Rubber tree, latex gloves, jug, water

(C) Rock, frying pan, soil, clay

(D) Clock, box, rose plant, paper

43. Sameer was making a list of animals as meat giving animals and Lalita making a list of milk giving animals.

Which of the following animals can be included in both the lists?

(A) Duck

(B) Goat

(C) Goose

(D) Pigeon

44. There are few vegetables shown in the picture, which vegetable is actually a seed?

(A) Carrot

(B) Tomato

(C) Peas

(D) Brinjal

45. Which of the following is a planet?

(A) The sun

(B) The moon

(C) The earth

(D) A comet

46. Pick the odd one out.


Image shows nose

Image Shows Nose


Image eye

Image Eye


Image stomach

Image Stomach


Iamge ear

Iamge Ear

47. Which of the following materials is obtained from the Bamboo plant?

(A) Rubber

(B) Paper

(C) Gum

(D) Flax

48. The animal given below uses its shell for

(A) Protection.

(B) Movement.

(C) Rearing young.

(D) Storing food.

49. If all the flowers are plucked from the brinjal plant, the plant will NOT be able to

(A) produce fruit.

(B) grow taller.

(C) make their own food.

(D) absorb nutrients from the soil.

50. Cabbage is a

Image shows the cabbage

Image Shows the Cabbage

(A) Pulse.

(B) Spice.

(C) Leaf.

(D) Cereal.

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