NSTSE Class 2 Question Paper 2017 Part 3

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31. Read the statements made by the two children and identity ‘X’ and ‘Y’ seasons.

Image Two children shows the X and Y seasons

Image Two Children Shows the X and Y Seasons

(A) X – autumn, Y – spring

(B) X – summer, Y – winter

(C) X – autumn, Y – monsoon

(D) X – autumn, Y – summer

32. A lotus plant has

(A) Needle like leaves.

(B) Very thin leaves.

(C) Long leaves.

(D) Broad leaves.

33. The water content in which of these fruits is more?


iamge mango

Iamge Mango


image apple

Image Apple


Image shows the fruit contain water

Image Shows the Fruit Contain Water


image banana

Image Banana

34. Shreya has carrot, radish, ginger, and turnip plants in her garden. The stem of which these plants do we eat?

(A) Carrot

(B) Ginger

(C) Radish

(D) Turnip

35. Which of the following senses helps does the organ given below belong to?

Image shows the sense organ of plant

Image Shows the Sense Organ of Plant

(A) P

(B) Q

(C) R

(D) S

36. Which of the following senses helps a dog to identify hidden bombs and drugs or a thief in disguise?

(A) Smell

(B) Taste

(C) Touch

(D) Sight

37. Which of the following systems does the organ given below belong to?

Image shows the organ in system

Image Shows the Organ in System

(A) Circulatory system

(B) Respiratory system

(C) Nervous system

(D) Excretory system

38. Which of the following animals is not used to carry our loads of goods and luggage?


image Horse

Image Horse


image Elephant

Image Elephant


Image camel

Image Camel


Image Bear

Image Bear

39. A cat is a living thing as it

(A) Has weight.

(B) Is matter.

(C) Can be seen.

(D) Needs to eat.

40. Which part of the given vegetable do we eat?

Image shows the part of vegetable do we eat

Image Shows the Part of Vegetable Do We Eat

(A) Stems

(B) Leaves

(C) Flowers

(D) Fruits

41. Which child is conserving water?

Picture shows the child conserving water

Picture Shows the Child Conserving Water

(A) Akhil

(B) Appu

(C) Anu

(D) Aruna

42. Which of these things need water to make its own food?

(A) Chair

(B) Cow

(C) Goat

(D) Rose plant

43. How long does the earth take to revolve around the sun?

Picture shows the earth take to revolve around the sun

Picture Shows the Earth Take to Revolve Around the Sun

(A) One month

(B) One week

(C) One day

(D) One year

44. I have stripes over my body. You find my coat pattern at road crossings. Tell me who I am?

(A) Tiger

(B) Zebra

(C) Horse

(D) Donkey

45. Identify the kind of house that is found in very cold regions covered with snow.













46. Under the right kinds of conditions which of the following can grow into a new plant?

(A) A dried leaf

(B) A fallen seed

(C) A fallen flower

(D) A dried flower

47. The diagram given below shows air being pumped into a balloon. This shows that air



Picture shows the number of eggs

Picture Shows the Number of Eggs

(A) Occupies space.

(B) Has a definite volume.

(C) Has no weight.

(D) Has a definite shape.

48. The picture graph given below shows the number of eggs collected by a farmer on 5 different days.

On which day were 25 more eggs collected than on Wednesday?

(A) Monday

(B) Tuesday

(C) Thursday

(D) Friday

49. I have moist skin. I hope and swim. I can live both on land in water. Who am I?

(A) Frog

(B) Snake

(C) Turtle

(D) Fish

50. Which of the following plant’s flower responds to the stimulus of the





Plant’s flower responds to the stimulus of the sunlight

Plant’S Flower Responds to the Stimulus of the Sunlight



Flower- Image C

Flower- Image C




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