NSTSE Class 2 Question Paper Part 3

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31. Identify the symbol that shows zebra cossing .


Image railway crossing

Image Railway Crossing


Image crossing symbol

Image Crossing Symbol


Image no parking

Image No Parking


Image traffic symbol

Image Traffic Symbol

32. Who am I ?

Who am I?

Who Am I?

(A) Hands

(B) Stomach

(C) Mouth

(D) Lungs

33. Which clothes are suitable to wear on a dry, windy day?

(A) Woollen shirt

(B) Leather jacket

(C) A cotton suit

(D) Raincoat

34. What will happen to this snowman on a warm day?

Warm snowman

Warm Snowman

(A) It will freeze.

(B) It will grow and change.

(C) It will melt.

(D) It will evaporate.

35. Study the chart carefully.

Which is which

Which is Which

Based on the information given in the chart, which of the following could, and be?

Who is what

Who is What

36. Fatimah kept a potted plant near a window. She watered

The plant every day. After one week, she noticed that the plant looked different.

Plant after one week

Plant After One Week

Why did the plant look different after one week?

(A) The plant is responding to sunlight.

(B) The plant is too weak to grow straight up.

(C) The plant needed more air from the window.

(D) The plant started to die because there was not enough food.

37. Select the correct option to fill the empty boxes of the given flowchart.

We eat stem of

We Eat Stem Of

(A) Turnip & Radish

(B) Sugarcane & Carrot

(C) Cabbage & Spinach

(D) Potato & Sugarcane

38. Which type of soil holds water because of the small size particles?

(A) Clay soil

(B) Loamy soil

(C) Silt soil

(D) Sandy soil

39. Pick the odd one out.

(A) Rice

(B) Wheat

(C) Maize

(D) Beans

40. Nishant and his friends were walking down a street to reach their school. Suddenly one of his friends met with a small accident and injured. Which of the given symbol will help Nishant to locate hospital for his friend?


Image kid crossing

Image Kid Crossing








Image traffic light

Image Traffic Light

41. Who I am?

I am an animal product. I am used for making cheese curd and butter.

(A) Egg

(B) Milk

(C) Honey

(D) Meat

42. Who is correct?

Children talking

Children Talking

(A) Abhi and Arun

(B) Lasya and Arun

(C) Appu and Lasya

(D) All of them

43. Pooja has a blindfold and is playing with her friends in a playground. She has to touch her friends who are moving around her clapping their hands. Which of the following senses helps her to move when blind folded?

(A) Sense of Sight

(B) Sense of hearing

(C) Sense of taste

(D) Sense of smell

44. Look at the figure given below.

Which of the following make the blades to rotate?

Image blades to rotate

Image Blades to Rotate

(A) Water

(B) Wind

(C) Electricity

(D) Petrol

45. Which of the following helps plants to male food and grow?

(A) Moon

(B) Jupiter

(C) Sun

(D) Stars

46. Which tool is used to know the direction of the wind?

(A) Barometer

(B) Thermometer

(C) Wind vane

(D) Anemometer

47. The groups given below are formed based on number of seeds. Which fruit has been grouped wrongly?

Group A and Group B

Group a and Group B

(A) Watermelon

(B) Custard apple

(C) Jackfruit

(D) Mango

48. A climber has a soft stem. It coils around the stems of other plants. Why does it do so ?

  1. To Support itself.

  2. To get food from that plant.

  3. To get as much sunlight as possible

(A) I and II only

(B) I and III only

(C) II and III only

(D) I, II and III

49. The diagram given below show that living things

Image diagram

Image Diagram

(A) grow.

(B) resoire.

(C) breathe.

(D) move.

50. Arjun finds a picture of his mother as a baby. His mother shows him other pictures. There is a picture of his mother as a teenager. A picture of his mother and father getting married and there is also a picture of Arjun as a small baby. What do these picture describle?

(A) How the family moves.

(B) Life stages of human.

(C) The process of succession.

(D) What the family needs to survive.

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