NSTSE Past (Previous Year) Paper Class 3 2017 Part 5

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47. Why plants grow well in topsoil?

(A) Topsoil has more clay

(B) Topsoil has more rocks

(C) Topsoil has more silt

(D) Topsoil has more humus

48. A plant bends towards light. Which characteristic of living organisms is seen in the given diagram?

Image of plant bends towards light

Image of Plant Bends Towards Light

Image title: Diagram shows a plant bends towards light

Image description: This diagram shows a plant bends towards light

(A) Inside and outside growth

(B) Reproduction of own kind

(C) Respiration and excretion

(D) Response to stimuli

49. Why is frog an amphibian?

(A) It an live only in water

(B) It an live on land and in water

(C) It can live only on land

(D) It lays its eggs only on land

50. A lotus plant has

(A) Needle like leaves.

(B) Very thin leaves.

(C) Long leaves.

(D) Broad leaves.

51. Which of the following senses help a dog to identify hidden bombs and drugs or a thief in disguise?

(A) Smell

(B) Taste

(C) Touch

(D) Sight

52. Which of these can live both on land and in water?

(A) Frog

(B) Turtle

(C) Alligator

(D) All of these

53. Dinesh had a torn umbrella. Which of the following materials should Dinesh use to repair the umbrella?

(A) A piece of cardboard

(B) A piece of newspaper

(C) A piece of sweater

(D) A piece from an old rain coat

54. Which of these gives the correct measurement of the length of the playground?

(A) Foot steps

(B) Handspan

(C) Measuring tape

(D) Balance

55. Which of the following terms can be used to name the part of soil that is formed by the decomposition of dead plants and animals?

(A) Clay

(B) Humus

(C) Sand

(D) Slit


56. Three fishes need to be caught to make 10. How many numbers of groups in 3’s can be made to make 10?

Image of 9 fishes

Image of 9 Fishes

Image title: Image shows 9 fishes

Image description: This image shows 9 fishes

(A) 4

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 5

57. Which picture shows the longest rope?


Image of the length of rope

Image of the Length of Rope


Image of the length of rope

Image of the Length of Rope


Image of the length of rope

Image of the Length of Rope

(D) All are equal

Image title: Picture shows the length of rope – Choice A

Image description: This picture shows the length of rope

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