NSTSE Class 3 Year 2019 Higher Questions and Answers Part 4

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33. What change of state does X undergo to form clouds?

Process of change state

Process of Change State

(A) Liquid to gas

(B) Gas to liquid

(C) Gas to solid

(D) Solid to gas

34. What is the function of the skeletal system?

(A) It helps us think and remember.

(B) It gives shape and support to our body.

(C) It helps us in the digestion of food.

(D) It helps in throwing out the waste from the body.

35. The diagram below shows a plant. The arrows in the diagram show the path taken by the

A plant

A Plant

(A) Food

(B) Sunlight

(C) Water

(D) Carbon dioxide

36. Which of these have strong, sharp, and hooked beaks?

(A) Eagle

(B) Pigeon

(C) Pelican

(D) Hoopoe

37. Which organ pumps blood?

(A) Stomach

(B) Spinal cord

(C) Lungs

(D) Heart

38. Which of following chews cud?

(A) Crow

(B) Hen

(C) Cow

(D) Squirrel

39. Which of these statements is true?

(A) The moon is a star.

(B) The moon produces its own light.

(C) The moon reflects light from the sun.

(D) The moon is a plant.

40. Rocks are broken into smaller pieces by the action of

(A) The sun

(B) The wind

(C) The rain

(D) All the above

41. Who am i? I am the one who heats up water from rivers and lakes to from clouds.

(A) Moon

(B) Sun

(C) Bulb

(D) Campfire

42. Based on their eating habits, goats are called

(A) Herbivores

(B) Carnivores

(C) Omnivores

(D) Killers of prey

43. Plants make their own food in presence of

(A) Air

(B) Water

(C) Sunlight

(D) All

44. When we are eating carrots, we are actually eating the

(A) Leaves of carrot plant

(B) Fruits of carrot plant

(C) Roots of carrot plant

(D) Stems of carrot plant

45. Which of the following characteristics of living things is shown by the worm?

The worm

The Worm

(A) Need food to stay alive

(B) Growth

(C) Reproduction

(D) Response to stimulus

46. Which of these is a part of the digestive system?

(A) Lungs

(B) Kidneys

(C) Intestine

(D) Heart

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