NSTSE Class 4 Question Paper 2016 Part 3

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41. Camouflage is a kind of adaptation in which an organism deceives others by merging its colour with that of its surroundings. Which of the following colours will best suit a chameleon to hide from its enemies in a forest when it sits on a neem tree trunk?

(A) Red

(B) Blue

(C) Green

(D) Brown

42. Which of the following undergo moulting?


Image shows cocrog

Image Shows Cocrog


Image shows shenk

Image Shows Shenk


Image shows undergo moulting

Image Shows Undergo Moulting

(D) All of these

43. Never touch any electrical appliances if your hands

(A) Have rubber gloves.

(B) Are dry.

(C) Are wet.

(D) Are soft and dry.

44. Which of the following is/are forms (s) of precipitation?

(A) Rain

(B) Dew

(C) Fog

(D) All of these

45. An Opuntia plant has

(A) Needle like leaves

(B) Very thin leaves

(C) Long leaves

(D) Broad leaves

46. In a forest, how do decomposers help other organisms to survive?

(A) They release oxygen into the air that animals breathe

(B) They put nutrients into the soil that plants use to grow

(C) They provided shelter in forests where animals can hide

(D) They use sunlight to make food for plants and animals

47. Sonam saw some wild mushrooms growing on a piece of rotting log. She realized that they do not have any green leaves with which to make their own food. However, they were still alive. How is this possible?

(A) Mushrooms have chlorophyll in their caps with which they make their own food.

(B) Mushrooms get food from the air.

(C) Mushrooms do not need food.

(D) Mushrooms get their food from the piece of rotting log.

48. The given animals are similar in that both_________.

Image shows the animals are similar

Image Shows the Animals Are Similar

(A) Can swim

(B) Take in air through their gills

(C) Have scales

(D) Both (A) and (B)

49. The pie chart shows the component gases which can be found in air. Which gases do x and y represent?

Image Pie chart shows the component gases

Image Pie Chart Shows the Component Gases

(A) X – Nitrogen; Y – Oxygen

(B) X – Oxygen; Y - Nitrogen

(C) X – Carbon dioxide; Y – Oxygen

(D) X – Oxygen; Y – Carbon dioxide

50. The diagram below shows a plant part under the microscope. The openings shown in the diagram are found in the diagram are found in the

Image Diagram shows a plant part under the microscope

Image Diagram Shows a Plant Part under the Microscope

(A) Root hairs for absorbing water.

(B) Seeds for water to enter.

(C) Stem to transport water and food through.

(D) Leaves for exchange of gases.

51. Lasya read the given information and made sketches of four organisms?

Image shows information about organisms

Image Shows Information About Organisms

Which sketch fits the description given above?


Image Choice A

Image Choice A


Image Choice B

Image Choice B


Image Choice C

Image Choice C


Image Choice D

Image Choice D

52. Abhi dissolved some salt in water and left it in a dish near a sunny window. What did he notice after a few days?

(A) The level of salt solution in the dish remained the same.

(B) The level of salt solution in the dish became higher.

(C) The salt solution had dried up and salt was left behind.

(D) The salt solution seeped through the dish and the dish was empty.

53. What part of a mango tree becomes the fruit?

(A) Stems

(B) Leaves

(C) Roots

(D) Flower

54. If you want to propagate sugarcane plants. Which part of the sugarcane plant do you use?

(A) Seed

(B) Root

(C) Stem

(D) Flower

55. How does woollen clothes keep our bodies warm in winter?

(A) By absorbing heat present in the air.

(B) By preventing body heat to escape.

(C) By reflecting sunlight.

(D) By the absorption of sunlight

56. Which animal is further away from the dog?

Image Diagram shows positions of animals

Image Diagram Shows Positions of Animals

(A) Fish

(B) Duck

(C) Elephant

(D) Rabbit

57. Find out drawing that shows Lalitha’s view.

Image Picture shows Lalitha’s view for giraffe

Image Picture Shows Lalitha’S View for Giraffe


Image giraffe right view

Image Giraffe Right View


Image giraffe front view

Image Giraffe Front View


Image giraffe back view

Image Giraffe Back View


Image giraffe left view

Image Giraffe Left View

58. Which piece does not fit?

Image shows four pieces of ball

Image Shows Four Pieces of Ball


Fit pieces into figure Choice A

Fit Pieces into Figure Choice A


Fit pieces into figure Choice B

Fit Pieces into Figure Choice B


Fit pieces into figure Choice C

Fit Pieces into Figure Choice C


Fit pieces into figure Choice D

Fit Pieces into Figure Choice D

59. In a water tank, a solid board was placed in the middle and water was poured into the two sides. If the board is taken out, what would the height of the water be in cm?



Image Figure shows a water tank poured into two sides

Image Figure Shows a Water Tank Poured into Two Sides



60. A bee wants to move from

Image shows one number in bee house

Image Shows One Number in Bee House


Image shows seven number in bee house

Image Shows Seven Number in Bee House

. Each time the bee moves. It can only move adjacently to a greater number. How many ways are there for the bee to move to ?

Image shows numbers in bee house

Image Shows Numbers in Bee House





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