NSTSE Class 4 Question Paper 2017 Part 2

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21. From which of the following numbers must be subtracted so that the difference is ?





22. Arun had m of wool. He cut it into 5 equal pieces. What was the length of each piece of wool?

(A) m

(B) m

(C) m

(D) m

23. Find the sum of the first three common multiples of 6 and 9.





24. What fraction comes next?

Image shows fractions in box

Image Shows Fractions in Box





25. 3 necklaces cost as much as rings. If necklaces and rings cost Rs. , find the cost of 1 necklace.

(A) Rs.

(B) Rs.

(C) Rs.

(D) Rs.

26. Identify the process Y in the given figure.

Image Figure shows the process of water vapour

Image Figure Shows the Process of Water Vapour

(A) Condensation

(B) Evaporation

(C) Transpiration

(D) Decomposition

27. A teacher is explaining about microbes and germs and she was observing the body structure of a microbe using some instruments given below.

Image Body Structure

Image Body Structure

Which of the following devices is/are being used by the teacher and describe microbes?

(A) I only

(B) II only

(C) III only

(D) II and III only

28. Which of these best completes this concept map?

Image Diagram shows the concept map

Image Diagram Shows the Concept Map

(A) Cooling

(B) Heat

(C) Evaporating

(D) Freezing

29. Which of these gases is released by green plants during photosynthesis?

(A) Carbon dioxide

(B) Oxygen

(C) Water

(D) Nitrogen

30. What would happen to soil if a farmer adds earthworms, dried leaves, and organic matter to it?

(A) The soil would remain the same.

(B) The soil would lose some of its nutrients.

(C) The soil would become richer in nutrients and airy.

(D) The soil would become polluted.

31. Observe the following groups of plants.

Image Table shows the groups of plants

Image Table Shows the Groups of Plants

The plants are grouped according to

(A) Whether living or non-living things.

(B) The type of nutrition.

(C) The position they are located in the pond.

(D) Their capacity to move freely in water.

32. Which of the following is the best way to dispose waste water from kitchen?

(A) Using it as drinking water

(B) Using it as bathing water

(C) Using it to cook the food

(D) Using it to water the plants

Greywater subsurface reuse method

Greywater Subsurface Reuse Method

33. Which of these have three stage life cycle?


Image shows insect have three stage life cycle Choice A

Image Shows Insect Have Three Stage Life Cycle Choice A


Image shows insect have three stage life cycle Choice B

Image Shows Insect Have Three Stage Life Cycle Choice B


Image shows insect have three stage life cycle Choice C

Image Shows Insect Have Three Stage Life Cycle Choice C


Image shows insect have three stage life cycle Choice D

Image Shows Insect Have Three Stage Life Cycle Choice D

34. Kishore wants to eat an apple but has lost some incisors of his mouth. What will be his difficulty?

(A) To cut into the apple

(B) To tear away parts of the apple

(C) To crush and grind the apple

(D) To digest the apple

35. The thick covering called ‘cuticle’ on the stem of desert plants help them to

(A) Breathe air.

(B) Prepare food.

(C) Absorb water.

(D) Reduce transpiration.

36. Which of the following is the best method to kill the germs present in water?

(A) Keeping the water container without lid

(B) Adding sugar to water

(C) Boiling the water

(D) Covering the water vessel with a lid

37. What passes out of the small intestine into the bloodstream?

(A) Water

(B) Digestive juices

(C) Undigested food

(D) Digested food

38. Plants growing on high walls get water from

(A) The walls

(B) The land

(C) The air

(D) Insects moving around.

39. The method(s) to prevent soil erosion is/are

(A) Planting vegetation

(B) Building embankments along river banks.

(C) Practising terrace farming on hill slops.

(D) All of the above

40. Which of the following energy changes takes place in the figure shown here?

Image Solar Panels

Image Solar Panels

(A) Light energy solar energy Electrical energy

(B) Solar energy Chemical energy Light energy

(C) Solar energy Electrical energy Light energy

(D) Light energy Electrical energy Solar energy

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